5 Industry facts: Strength and Conditioning

The position of strength and conditioning coach is a rather new one. When John Calipari entered his first role as a head coach, he played the role of strength and conditioning coach. Calipari was responsible for developing each team member as a basketball player and athlete. This was back when push-ups, sit-ups and sprints were considered sufficient.

Since then, weight rooms have become extravagant palaces in which players are expected to spend time to develop their strength. Enter the role of strength and conditioning coach, now a highly regarded position in collegiate and professional sports. The strength and conditioning coach for the University of Iowa’s football team earns $595,000 per year.

Here is an infographic I created, using Canva, discussing five industry facts of strength and conditioning, please take the time to check it out! I created this using research I found this week during my #UFSMM studies.