Faces I’ve Seen in Twenty-Fifteen

Over this past year I attended a number of different events and conferences where brilliant people shared their work and their stories. Preparing to transfer to a university this coming year, it was a great time to receive inspiration and joy from all of these speakers and performers and when I started going through the list in my head, I realized it was pretty darn cool. For my own enjoyment, and bragging rights, here is a list and photos in chronological order of every exceedingly interesting person I either met (the names in bold) or saw speak/perform in 2015.

Dan Harmon

Michael Schneider

Spencer Crittenden

Curtis Armstrong

Tom Kenny

Bill Fagerbakke

Roger Bumpass

Dee Bradley Baker

Vincent Waller

Sergio Aragonés

Floyd Norman

Mike Kazaleh

Mark Evanier

Stan Lee

Jimmy Palmiotti

Gill Champion

Bill Prady

Bob Kushell

Randall Einhorn

Bill Barretta

Dave Goelz

Steve Whitmire

Eric Jacobson

Eiljah Wood

Dan Povenmire

Jeff Swampy Marsh

Vincent Martella

Alyson Stoner

Maulik Pancholy

Dee Bradley Baker

Troy Baker

Art Balthazar

Jeff Bryan Davis

Bobcat Goldthwait

Andy Baio

Andy McMillan

Hello From the Magic Tavern

Craig Cackowski

Heather Armstrong

Alex Blumberg

C. Spike Trotman

Suck.com reunion

Mallory Ortberg

Anil Dash

Zoe Quinn

Eric Meyer

Tony Zhou

Kirby Ferguson

Justin Roiland

Lisa Hanawalt

Nicky Case

Bryce Roberts

Akilah Hughes

Rami Ismail

Veronica Belmont

Amit Gupta

Kathy Sierra

Pendleton Ward

Jack Black

Kyle Gass

Dino Stamatopoulos

Morgan Murphy

Nathan Fielder

Puddles Pity Party

Reggie Watts

Aubrey Plaza

Super Dave Osborne

Finesse Mitchell

Kristen Schaal

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Kevin McDonald

Dave Foley

Bruce McCulloch

Scott Thompson

Mark McKinney

Asher Vollumer

Tim Schafer

Jamie Foxx

Jody Baran and Kathleen

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