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I’m not sure there’s any one main answer as to why a team with so much talent consistently finds itself on the outside looking in. However, when I watch them I think to myself, “if this team had someone to bring structure to it they’d win it all pretty regularly.”

Say what you want about not having top top defensive quality, but on the whole, most of the PL is focused on attackers and not defenders, so you’re not necessarily looking at other teams and saying, “our defenders aren’t as good as theirs”. Koscielny is one of the finest CBs playing in the PL, and Bellerin exhibits loads of potential and the mind to bring that potential to bear.

I feel like the lack of structure may also leak down into training. They obviously aren’t running Guardiola or Conte-like training where they’re talking concepts and spacing and positioning. I feel like the training is probably more focused on physicality and being prepared to play 90 minutes. However, managing a football team is like being a teacher. If you’re not preparing them, what exactly are you doing?

Hoping to see a changeover in the next year or two. Diego Simeone would have this team slicing through bad teams and competing straight up with good teams.