Ten things I wonder about…

1) Which Guns to control?

Right to bear arms is enshrined in the constitution, what is not enshrined, the definition of ‘arms’; an old musket, an AK 47 or a M777 howitzer? Who (and how and why) decides what kinds of arms are okay to be owned by us measly civilians? If the reason to bear arms to guard against tyranny of the government, the people should be able to buy the exact same arms as the government, shouldn’t they?

2) Strict constructionist, originalist or whatever other labels people give to Supreme Court justices

The way I see it, the justices have a worldview and they decide cases based on that. Once they have decided how they are going to rule, they come up with some cockamamie justification in the constitution or the law to support their decision. For example, the gay marriage decision. Now I support that decision, but I doubt the when the founders wrote the constitution they envisioned that a marriage to be anything other than a man and woman (or a man and many women, as was the custom in many parts of the world back then). So, the justices came up with equal protection clause argument to suite their decision. Same thing can be pointed out for the Obamacare mandate being a tax or citizens united decision. For once I wish some justice will say, I rule this way because that is the way our society has moved on and it is good for the people.

3) Why can’t the same person kick field goals and punt in football?

Quarterbacks can throw long and short passes, heck most quarterbacks even run now days, linemen can block for run or pass why can’t this highly paid individual do both kinds of kicks? Golfer can hit shots of different distances but we need two people on the active roster to kick the football? Seems like a good cost cutting opportunity for a smart GM.

4) Stereotypes

Why is it okay to joke about positive stereotypes but not about negative stereotypes? Nobody complains (or very few people do) when you joke about Asian people being good at math but many will complain when someone jokes about …. I won’t give any examples because a lot of you will complain.

5) Intersectionality

I don’t know what it is and I don’t want to know what it is. It seems like a click baity word so I put it in this post so hopefully someone other than myself will read it.

That’s it, that’s all I got. Yes, I know I said, ‘ten things that make me wonder’. I was wrong, I came up with only five. A sixth one just came to mind, why do I always set goals that I can’t meet?

Happy New Year!

(Another goal for the year that I can’t meet; I plan to blog a lot this year and become a poor and famous blogger).