Your Weekly Greens 2/6-2/12

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Enter, the Oldest Form of Life on Earth

Ladies and gentlemen, your grandmother is no longer the oldest person on the planet. I’m sorry. Scientists have recently discovered slices of rock in Quebec over the weekend, no longer than a small eyelash, that may as well be 4.28 billion years old. By discovering these remains, we can gain a larger insight on planet Earth’s first inhabitants.

Norway Says “No” To Dakota Access Pipeline

A small victory for the #NoDAPL movement! Norway’s largest private investor has withdrawn investments from companies with ties to the Dakota Access pipeline. He hopes this will encourage others to follow suit.

Asia Brings in Smog to the West Coast

Though the US has been producing less air pollution over the years (yay!), smog levels on the West coast have still been rising (boo!). New research suggests that the smog may actually be drifting across the Pacific Ocean from Asia.

Wild Elephants Need to Start Counting Sheep

If you think your insomnia is bad, be happy you’re not an elephant. Researchers have recently discovered that elephants in the wild only sleep 2 hours a day, the least of any mammal on earth.

Turkeys Circle Dead Cat as Act of Ritual?

You may have seen this viral video circulating across the internet of what appears to be a group of turkeys attempting to perform a seance on a dead cat. Kiss those nightmares good-bye because science has a perfectly reasonable explanation for this (and it has nothing to do with black magic).

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