No More Lost Decades
Bryce Roberts

Patient Capital is so hard to find, not to mention the dilution it entails. You’ll end up pivoting away from a long term moderate success towards some unrealistic 10x angle that exploits the very people you started out wanting to help.


My advice to founders is to stop thinking of themselves as founders. Everyone who moves the needle for your company is as deserving of rewards as any “early” founder or investor. We call them Founding Members w some extra rewards or consideration for taking the risk, just not total ownership of everything and all subsequent proceeds. Ideas and talk are cheap. Implemention is only achieved by hard work, vigilance and grit.

You’ll find that the more skin in the game Members have the more they will do what is right for everyone’s interests, because those interests are aligned.

Profitability is all there really is. Everything else is a scam where someone is getting played, be it investors, founders, employees or customers.

The days of old style VC investing is dead or dying. My father (former CFO for Zilog/Exxon) used to call them Vulture Capitalists, they only come around when you are desperate and ready to give up all hope. They will promise the world and rarely deliver.

Most developers are usually not skilled/savvy enough to negotiate good terms (or decide on key design decisions) and will end up with as little equity or pay as founders/VCs can get away with giving them. They deserve more. It is upon their backs that *everything* in Silicon Valley (and beyond!) is built.

I want to rebalance the power structure in favor of the developers who toil late into the night building the product. It is no wonder so many developers are working on side projects… passion and, probably more than anything else, agency. Everything else becomes just a day job.