I have a genius idea.
Bruce Bates

You have to consider the context, motivation and consequences of lies before you forgive them. And forgiving does not absolve one of those consequences, forgiveness is not a magic panacea that makes it all ok.

In Trump’s case many of his lies are motivated by ego and amplified by a lack of grounding in reality. In the context of the average citizen it would be innocuous but coming from the President it is downright dangerous. This ego and power driven President has the ability to start a nuclear war and in this respect he is not that different from Kim Jong-un.

More concerning are his lies intended to obfuscate and distract the press and the electorate from what he and his administration are doing behind the scenes. While the press is covering his outrageous claims of wiretapping there are a hundred other real issues not being investigated. Bannon explicitly said this is their strategy… with the ends justifying the means.

This President literally got where he is by lying. His first big “deal” in NYC was predicted on a big lie (financing) and because it worked for him he has lied strategically his entire career. He promised to pay his contractors but left them in ruins. He promised to pay back his investors but declared bankruptcy in a way that sheltered his money. All of this doesn’t make him a good businessman, it makes him a conman. The bigger the lie the less likely anyone will see it.

More recently he lied to his supporters and the American electorate that he was going to drain the swamp and accused his opponent of being too cozy with Wall Street and Goldman Sacks — yet he filled his cabinet with those very same people. He pretended to save jobs at Carrier and other manufacturers, claiming good deal making when, in fact, he did so with strong arm tactics and threats. He claims responsibility for an improved economy and employment figures when everyone knows those long term trends started years ago and do not change in a month or two because he was president. The recent stock market upswing? Pure speculation…

Repeatedly forgiving a pathological liar is not honorable, it is being gullible. Forgiving someone for lying because they were afraid to tell the truth is being compassionate but forgiving someone for intentionally lying so they can commit egregious acts is being complicit.

If we do not hold this man accountable for his lies, who knows what nefarious actions he will take in our name. That, my friend, is unforgivable.