So, about this Googler’s manifesto.
Yonatan Zunger

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You just made Fox News’ feature show with Tucker Carlson ! You were quoted from your article . They cherry picked a sentence to prove their point that he was fired for sharing his ideas and free speech ! Without a proper explanation! This guy had no clue . HA!

Since when does any job atmosphere allow you to have free speech. You realize an unspoken environment is always surrounding you in every place you work . You then have the choice to stay or go . Most of us do not have the benefit to choose. Our economy has not allowed us to have that leisure . When you described how you would have handled the firing of this guy , that was describing what Google should have had the sense to do or this would not be an issue. But, we know what Google has become. Too bad Tucker did not use more of your helpful information! I think you are a super example of a manager from one to another . I once had that all important degree and job in Management and Marketing and because I was devoted and so many others were not in that same work mode , I could not tolerate that work environment after so long. I am a happy workaholic! If I am managing others or mostly motivating others , I am setting high expectations because I work right along with my people to assure that each employee is trained with my philosophy and dedication that I see my company desires. This also allows me to also know my workers well enough to know when things are going wrong . This guy at Google could have been deterred as a problem if others paid closer attention around him . He is a very angry young man . That is what saddens me the most.



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