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Oh ! I wish I had written this so eloquently written essay. This is exactly the facts and truth about our glorious Constitution of the United States of America ! One point that I would like to add , when you say “they” as those who are resisting and those who are breaking our people into tribes and keeping them separate and thinking they are not equal. I can tell you that the past election was based on this whole concept.

The Democrats have been doing this for years and it has finally worked after our Obama Presidency and his continuing insistence of this separation of people being reminded of past problems that had been progressing for years and years further away from very few problems with color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and any other discriminatory measure. People want freedom to choose and not to be forced to believe their own personal thoughts. People will obey the law if not aggravated as they were by the supporters of the Democratic Party and the Media was bought and paid for in contributions by the Democrats . As they always say, follow the money !

Your article is tame for some of the knowledge that has become found to be factual and hidden as we are finding . But, people still believe propaganda. President Trump is not new to media bias . He knows who owns the Liberal Media and has given them all fair opportunities to participate fairly. The media can’t play dirty with Trump and then call woman card, race card, Muslim card , or LBGT card, etc… Trump has friends in every group . He does not make differences in groups, he may stir up the liberal media to see just how far they will go to damage their occupation and reputation, but at the end of the day, he is not a discriminating person or he would not have gotten this far. People embarrass themselves by the way they are acting . He is just giving them more to feed off of with his tweets. Some are just funny. But, don’t mess with his family.

I now agree with Ryan and all of the rest of the GOP, enough is enough. If you really care about the American people or even care about being a democrat in the White House again, then resistance is for war and we are not in a civil war in our country. Forget about separates and concentrate on ALL AMERICANS!

Dawn Copley

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