Sticker Packs

What is a sticker? What is a sticker pack? First question should be a relatively easy question to answer. But in this day and age it is not, something is cooking and stickers are changing.

In fact, Try asking your mom what a sticker is — she will probably tell you that it is a piece of artwork slapped on a wall, sitting on a computer or placed in a public restroom.

We are pretty sure it will not stay this way.. With the public release of Apple new operating system iOS 10 stickers are entering the digital age.

Stickers or Sticker-packs is far from a new phenomenon. Originally pioneered by japanese instant message service LINE. Just recently LINE announced that they generated $20 million in stickers revenue alone with users sticking 2 billions stickers each day.

When Apple first introduced sticker packs at WWDC 2016 it was not love at first sight. It seems like a wacky idea that would probably most be used by kids and teens. But somehow stickers can fill a gap between texting and sending photos.

Of course we wanted to be part of the fun and set out to make our own pack - with Sticker Packs being a new and unexplored ground we set a few goals for the upcoming project:

  • Social: In the center of stickers are conversations. Stickers live in iMessage and therefore should be relevant in a social context.
  • Versatile: Stickers should be useable in many different scenarios. Express that feeling when texting isn’t enough.
  • Originality: Surprise people! Be original/quirky/fun. Sticker packs is untouched ground, almost anything goes!

Finding the right audience

Enter ‘Natholdet’. Natholdet is unarguably the most well-known late night tv in Denmark. Running on it’s 6th season.

Each night a famous guest visits the show and together with the shows host (Anders Breinholt) plays an assortment of games & quizzes, think The Tonight Show

But most know and loved are probaly Natholdets jingles. They’re quirky, weird and alot of fun often explaining a specific situation or feeling. In our mind — perfect material for a sticker pack!

Promotion video for Natholdet stickerpack. (In Danish, Sorry!)

After picking our favourite jingles — We spend a few night hacking together a prototype. For us it was important to go from idea to prototype as soon as possible so we could test the stickers in real life context.

Example of conversations with stickers.

.. and why does it matter for a brand to have their own sticker pack you might ask?

It’s really simple actually, in it’s nature it almost always important to be first, especially with new media forms - if you’re able to extend your brand right in to peoples daily conversations you have a strong case. An important point is that you can actually track what users like. In the case of Natholdet we where able to track the most used jingles and thereby which quizzes had the most resonance with the viewers.

It will be really interesting to follow the progress with stickers and sticker packs. Will they be as important as emojis or will they slowly fade out?

I guess only time will tell.

Download it here: