The Copernicus project launched the Pre-release v0.0.6. At 00:32:40 a.m., Dec. 1st, 2018 (Beijing Time), the Golang version of Bitcoin Cash client developed by Copernicus project successfully generated its first block on mainnet.As shown in, the Generated block height was 558847, the difficulty value was 689.49 G / 274.81 G and the block hash was 000000000000000001983b3724f0b2fda40b0c92be7bc504e64e2db79be9ec3b

The Coinbase transaction information of block is shown as follows:

The commit record for the block can be also checked from the log below:

The Copernicus project provides a Golang version of Bitcoin Cash client, which reorganizes and redesigns the software structure for the original client in order to make the structure more concise, reduce the learning difficulty for developers and increase diversity of clients to ensure safety of the entire BCH network. The Copernicus project is always following the open-source spirit and devoted to contributing to BCH community, we will constantly explore new technologies and usage scenarios to promote BCH development.

Copernicus official website: