Two-Minute Writing Drill: Quotes

PEABODY — The future is bright for the new Higgins Middle School, but maybe a little too bright first thing in the morning.

The $90 million school has gotten mostly rave reviews from students, staff, and parents since it opened in 2016. However, the issue of tint on the windows, especially in the gym, has been an ongoing concern over the past year.

“The tinting of the windows in the gym has been a concern,” said Beverley Ann Griffin Dunne, a school committee member. “We’ve asked the project manager to speak with the company that installed the tinting to see if they can make it darker.”

Each quote must earn its place in the story. Do not put in strings of quotes simply because you have them in your notebook.

Alternate quotes and reported speech, choosing those quotes which are especially strong and rewriting in reported speech those which are either too complicated or too long. Just because someone said something does not mean that they have expressed themselves well or clearly. If the quote is likely to confuse your readers or spoil the rest of the story, turn the words into reported speech.



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