Your Brother

How can I call you brother when you let colors and

Symbols, or things called beliefs, keep you from all

Our brothers; I come from the horn of the goat,

A hair of the lion, the lung of a fish; not you

How can I call you brother when things like teams

Or countries and their holy games hollow your mind

And your heart like a rabid dog seeks the prey of your


Sentiments are like morning dew in the sunrise,

The purifying light changes their form; take

The murderer inside you and give him

The knife; if he cuts the throat of one you hate

hell is not new to you; one million poems sing of

The heart’s abode, the flesh and blood, of mystical

Grandeur, and you dare strike one of these trembling angels

Out of little world concerns or ideas called right and wrong,

Ideas that die before man; how can I call you brother

The odor of the homeless on these empty byways

Stench of death on the living, a collective sin; we who live

Lifestyles and know all our days have moments of serenity, and in

These moments know the tenfold promises we make and never keep

Because we can’t hold longings like stones; we who know mornings

In a bedroom and the sounds of our space;

We praise a wanton flesh deforming beauty, a beauty

We shall never resurrect until we are sisters in the moon

The stars have made us base in our relations; lands

Are but places but Earth is our home; above, mysterious

Night collects the dust from which we came, before it became

The horn of the goat or the hair of the lion; how can I

Call you brother with your flag and your bomb, and

These things of meaning that devalue the miracle of a voice

Or the child’s wonder for the bluebird that came to see the strange

Joy he produced;

Words like defense and retaliation, and mine and yours

Pollute our flawed method of communication like the rivers

Of the world; we blind, sicken the fish we eat, drink the blood

Of diseased livestock and turn nature’s gift into a gothic novel’s abomination;

Scientific and technological advancements, military power

Or wealth, only determine the material breadth of empires;

Greatness lies in meaning, in the energized spirit of a people

In dejected hands offering charity; how can I call you brother

With your finger thrust and your plans for a personal empire ignore

history like some child who cries to get his way

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