How to Better Organize Your Pots and Pans

Organizing your pots and pans seems to be an endless battle doesn’t it? Just when you think you’ve got them organized, you turn around and the cabinets are a mess again. Here are some simple tips for better organizing your pots and pans.

Trash What You Don’t Use
Go through all of your pots and pans and trash the ones you don’t use. If you have no idea when you purchased a pot or pan, or are seeing it for the first time in months, get rid of it. You obviously have no use for it. This also goes for any pots and pans that are rusted, have worn nonstick coating, or have broken handles that cannot be fixed.

Pair with Lids
The next step is to pair all of your pots and pans with the lids you have. Not every pot or pan will have a lid though. If you cannot pair every lid with a pot or pan, you might want to consider getting rid of those lids.

Line Shelves
Protect your pots and pans with shelf liner. You can do this with paper or rubber shelf liner. The liner will help to protect the pots and pans from moving around when you are going through the cabinets. This prevents them from scratching or shifting.

Store Rarely Used Items Elsewhere
If you have rarely used cookware, store it separately from the items you use every day of the week. These items could include a roasting pan, cookie sheets and crock pot. Store them in a spare room or a cabinet in the basement.

Store Similar Pots and Pans Together
Be sure to store similar pots and pans together. This makes it easier to find the one you need to use when cooking a meal. It also makes putting items away after cleaning them much easier.

Consolidate Your Collection
Do you really need all those different sizes of pots and pans that came with your boxed set of cookware? If you’re short on kitchen space, try consolidating. Today there are some very good options out there for one-pot meals, meaning you won’t need a separate vegetable pot. Check out the Copper Chef and you’ll see how to make an entire meal for four in one deep pan. (This will also help you save time when it’s time to do those dishes!)

The next time you go to reorganize your kitchen, follow these tips for storage and you should see your efforts last much longer.