Types of hall settings in Corporate Event Venues

When you are planning for a corporate event, getting the right hall is paramount to the final outcome of the the event. You will want to get thehall where the participants will be arranged in the best way possible. This is considering the fact that meetings or corporate events will require different seating arrangements. In most cases, official meetings are expected to be interactive, while some other corporate events, such as seminar, even though they should also be interactive, but they are not normally as interactive as meetings. Furthermore, the number of people in attendance in a seminar will normally be more than the number of people in attendance for a meeting. There are therefore, different hall settings in each of this case.

Round Table Setting

Round table setting for hall is the most common type of setting for official meetings. In this type of setting, there is normally a big center table, which could be oval or rectangular in shape. Seats are arranged around the table. With this type of setting, it is easy for everyone to contribute and also for everyone to see the faces of all the other people in the meeting. This makes it easier for the participants to communicate. The size of the table will be dependent on the size of hall. An organization will need to consider the number of people that will be attending the meeting and be sure the table is big enough to comfortably seat every one of them. Normally, seats will already be arranged around the table. So the number of seats should at least be equal or a few more than the number of people expected at the meeting. This type of setting can also be commonly found in conference venues.

Vertically and horizontally arranged chairs all facing a particular direction

In this type of hall setting, the chairs in the hall are arranged vertically and horizontal, with space in between each rows for people to seat down. The chairs are arranged to face a particular direction which would serve as the front of the meeting venue. It is best for events like seminars and related meetings, where an individual is invited to lecture the attendees. It is also best for a meeting where a lot of people will be attended as it is the most space efficient hall setting.

Chairs arranged around tables in sets of between 4 and 8

For this type of hall setting, the chairs in the hall are arranged around many tables. Each table could have up to 8 chairs around it. Individuals can therefore seat around the table and make use of the table as well. The table comes in handy for writing and for keeping items like food and water. Even though this setting can also be good for a seminar, it is more common for wedding events and other type of celebrations, such as birthday, where the people in attendance will be served food and water. This will make it easier and more comfortable for them to eat, as opposed to when they are forced to hold the food in their hands while putting their water on the floor.

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