Trauma Counselling & Psychotherapy — Rise Of EMDR As A Pioneering Treatment For Trauma!

The concepts of psychotherapy and Trauma Counselling Sydney are commonly used synonymously by clients; therefore it may be beneficial to clarify the variations between both.

A distressed individual receives a friendly ear through counseling. Preferably, the counselor would listen attentively without offering corrections, analysis, or suggestions. Frequently, counseling can alleviate confusion, discomfort, non-traumatic bereavement, low self-esteem, and perplexity in times of crisis. Genuine mental problems such as despair, anxiety, traumatic grief, or unresolved childhood traumas coming from damaging fundamental beliefs cannot be cured by counseling alone. This necessitates psychotherapy Sydney.

Psychotherapy requires attentive listening to fully comprehend the current issue and identify any unspoken concerns. A psychotherapist employs strategies acquired during professional training to assist a client in effecting life changes.

In current history, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) has emerged as one of the most innovative, widely discussed, and successful methods for competent and certified psychotherapists and clients struggling with persistent trauma effects. If you have decided to seek the assistance of a professional counsellor to deal with the consequences of trauma, it may be worthwhile to locate an EMDR-certified therapist in your area to learn more about this unique treatment.

All of us have suffered the trauma of one kind or another. Most of these situations may not have struck you as painful at the time, but they can get “frozen” in our thoughts and emotions. The more they persist, the worse the impacts get. As delivered by an experienced psychotherapist, EMDR can assist you to desensitize and reprocess these moments, allowing you to finally overcome your trauma.

In EMDR, the patient recalls a traumatic incident while concurrently enduring bilateral stimulation consisting of eye movement, vibrations, or tapping movements on opposite sides of the body.

EMDR has been applied to assist individuals with:


-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


-Grief and Loss


-Panic Attacks

-Performance and Test Anxiety

EMDR is an excellent trauma treatment that gets results faster than other treatments. It works best when combined with other therapies.

Consult a psychotherapist in your region who performs EMDR for an initial visit during which you can pose concerns and get details.

EMDR is another method by which trauma survivors can overcome its negative consequences and restore a healthy, peaceful life. Understanding your condition and treatment will help you live a happier life.

If you’re looking for an experienced and empathic psychologist, contact HOLISTIC PSYCHOLOGY SERVICES which offers individual therapy, psychometric assessment, and Clinical Supervision Sydney for organisations and healthcare professionals.



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