Your company is NOT immortal

There is one certainty in life. One simple fact.

We all die.

As humans we know this.

It kinda keeps things in balance. No matter how hard you yell, scream, kick and curse… one day you will be pushing up the daisies with the rest of us.

What death does to humans is simple: to some level it keeps us all humble.

Sure we can brag, boast and grab our nuts like we are superhumans, but at the end of the day we spend a whole lot of time wishing very hard that the party can just keep going on a little longer...


If you don’t mind.


The simple fact that in the face of your own mortality it can be wise to maybe be a little thankful for the fact you made it this far.


The moment you take a step back and say… hey I am mortal, so maybe I should just appologize for that one thing I did.

Sure. I was a jerk. But I am sorry.

Because one day it will be too late. One day… you and I will be dead.

I know this. You know this. We all know this.

But companies don’t know this.

Most companies act and communicate as if their seat of power is on top of Mount Olympus.

Most companies talk DOWN from that mountain. Like corporate gods that never age.

Most companies truly believe they are immortal. They are beyond death.

Just look at how they speak. Look at how they communicate. Bellowing their marketing speak down from the mountain.

There is no humility.

There is no appology.

There is a lot of screaming, cursing and grabbing of the corporate nuts…

But there is no sence of mortality.

Too big to fail? Too old to die?

If you want to change the way your company communicates, simply let it understand one thing: one day The Company will die.

You are mortal.

Like the humans you serve… you are not beyond death. So show me some humility. Appologize and mean it.

And you know what… that legacy will cary on… beyond the grave.