How do Plagiarism Checkers Work?

Introduction: There are different types of Plagiarism:

4 min readMay 31, 2019

It is important to detect the duplicate content of a particular article in order to save oneself from any kind of controversy. Thus one needs to know how the plagiarism checkers work but before that, it is important to know about the various kinds of plagiarism those are there. Some of them are given below:

1: Direct plagiarism

2: Self-plagiarism

3: Mosaic plagiarism

4: Accidental plagiarism

Why plagiarism, instead of original content writing?

Nowadays plagiarism has become a major issue in the literary world mostly students use search engines for plagiarized material and use that at an academic level. Plagiarism is unethical theft of intellectual property. Sometimes it’s the easiest way for the students to complete their content by stealing someone else’s work as original content.

And the victims of plagiarism are researchers, professors, serious content writers because the plagiarist gets the benefit instead of the original content writer. There are a number of plagiarism checking tools, to detect the duplicate content.

The main reason behind plagiarism is it’s the easiest and quickest way to accomplish literary tasks like academic papers, articles or essays. Sometimes students could not sustain the pressure of work and deadlines for the projects, so they prefer to steal someone else’s work instead of creating original content. Because it’s human psychology that in pressure like situation — acquire success through an easy way without considering ethical aspect.

Plagiarism is a crime as to use someone’s research work, sentence, and paragraphs without giving credit & references, and submit it as the original content is an unethical offense.

Plagiarism checkers tools:

1: Copyleaks

2: Paper Eater

3: Plagirisma

4: Play Scan

5: Plag Tracker

6: Dupli Checker

7: Search Engine Report etc.

How do the plagiarism checker works?

Plagiarism checkers software or tools are available on the search engines both paid and free. These plagiarism checkers are easy-to-use; it can identify similar content in a few minutes. The pro-bono versions are much better than the free plagiarism checkers. Thus, here are a few points on how these tools and software actually work:

  • Plagiarism detection software, detect the identical or similar content, whether it’s a sentence, paragraph or idea. Plagiarism checking also shows the percentage of duplicate content and original content. Thus, helping the students rectify their flaws, if they have unintentionally used someone else’s work without, and produce original content and submit it to their professors.
  • At academic level students often use plagiarized content instead of creating their own. So there are plagiarism checkers for students that easily identify the duplicate content. Thus, helping the professors to find out those students who have to use the unethical means and produced a plagiarized paper.
  • Plagiarism detection software works as a safeguard for original content and serious writers, to protect their creative writing from literary thieves. Search engines provide online facility to check the content, citing, and keep away students and content writers from simple copy and paste formula.
  • Plagiarism checkers work also includes improving paraphrasing abilities.

How to avoid plagiarism?

It’s also easy to avoid plagiarism if one follows the following few points and those are:

1: Acknowledging the real source of information

2: Mentioning references

3: Understanding the content instead of copy and paste

4: Mentioning quotes of original content by citing the reference of the original source

5: Managing citations

Purpose of plagiarism checkers

  1. The plagiarism tools prevent a student to use plagiarized content in any essay, assignment, project, research paper or an article as then it would be rejected and considered as literary stealing and violation of copyright laws.
  2. Students found with plagiarized paper are subject to penalties, rejection of project and suspension for a certain time period or expulsion from college or university because plagiarism is also against journalism ethics.
  3. However, the purpose of plagiarism checkers is not only to identify plagiarism but also to keep students and content writers away from plagiarism and arouse them to create their own literary masterpiece instead of stealing and copying other writers work and present as their own.


Nowadays plagiarism has become a most serious and major issue of the literary world. Most victims who fall in the trap of plagiarism are students, because students have to produce a number of essays and research papers within the given deadline, they don’t want to lose marks and sometimes it became difficult to sustain the pressure of work.

Hence, students go for an easy and less time-consuming way out to complete their assignments and apply a simple formula of copy-pasting other writer’s original content and present as their own work or present the previous content as new and original content. That’s why plagiarism detection software has become essential for academies, educational institutions and universities. It is also important for promoting original content writings.




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