✊ BetterOps - A newsletter for Revenue Ops People


I’m launching a free weekly newsletter for Revenue Ops People. You can sign up on BetterOps.io. It’s free. Lets’ go! 🚀

⚡ Why launch this free Newsletter?

I spend the last 7 years leading the revenue teams at Pusher, back in the developer world 👩‍💻.

One of the best things that allowed me to keep in touch with the eco-system were weekly newsletters.

Some Sunday morning reading ☕

By reading the content or just skimming the titles in these newsletters, I knew what the communities were talking about but it also gave me the opportunity to learn from these best practices, tips and hacks that were being shared on a weekly basis.

So when I moved to the RevenueOps world, I started looking for equivalent newsletters but apart from company’ newsletters using email more as a nurture/acquisition channel to push their products, nothing remotely came close to the developer newsletters.

🤔 Is it because Ops people don’t want to share best practices, tips or ideas? I doubt it. The content exists, it is just hard to find.

This brings us to today, were I want to bring the concept of amazing independent and valuable newsletters to the Ops world by launching BetterOps ⚡.

🎁 What to Expect

Every week, you will receive:

  • 3 to 5 of interesting links, videos, tools, etc. For example, do you know about Distribution Engine, a cheaper, and better alternative to Leandata?
  • 1 question to challenge your thinking (or not). “When was the last time you did something proactively in Ops? Why don’t you do it more often?”
  • 1 Random funny things that will hopefully brighten your day.
  • my ahem expert opinion or comment on an ops topic. Usually 100-200 words.

If you find the idea interesting and want to help out, DM me on Twitter 💌

Thanks for reading until the end. Now go to BetterOps.io and subscribe, it’s free 🙏

Syl 🎩

Interested in everything Ops, Data and Go To Market.

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Sylvain Giuliani

Sylvain Giuliani

Interested in everything Ops, Data and Go To Market.

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