Medical Breakthrough of the Century May Make Einstein’s Theory of Relativity a Reality: Swallow Time Slowing Pill or Time Speeding Pill at Will.

Swedish researchers Lucas Chiodi and Anna Albert recently posted their latest research findings in the British Medical Journal, May Edition. Their breakthrough serum named Chromolenteramine is showing remarkable test results on time perception of laboratory mice and has ruffled feathers of the normally inquisitive research community.

Inspired by the movie Matrix, the duo have codenamed the variants of their research as the blue and the pink pill. The blue pill slows down and the pink pill seems to crank up the brains of lab mice.

The blue pill which is the left or (S)Chromolenteramine slows down time perceptions and made hyperactive rats peaceful and much slower. They completed the same set of tasks much slower than before. Their brain mapping results showed a remarkable decline in hyperactivity. Even high doses of dopamine and adrenaline seemed to have little effect on them. The drive to get more food, mate with more mice was depressed by more than 50 per cent in the five control groups that were studied over two years. The genetically slower mice on being injected the blue serum variant became so slow they died of starvation as a result of almost zero activity. They overslept and were disinclined to even move.

The red pill, which is the right variation of the serum and is being called as (R)Chromolenteramine, on the other hand had the reverse effect on lab mice. Hyperactive mice groups became frantic and ate and mated at a furious pace. And quite a lot of them died of higher pulse rates generated from the furious pace of activity. The slower mice however were normalized and showed healthy activity.

Brain scans have clearly shown an altering of the brain’s clock. When the slower mice which were injected the blue serum and went into almost zero activity were maintained on intravenous diets, they showed almost no aging and outlived their generations with twice their life spans.

The study has created a furore in scientific circles not because of the results in themselves but for the implication of the serum in Human beings and it’s possible misuse.

While the two scientists maintain that the pill will tend to centre hyperactive and hypoactive people in the future, most scientists believe that the the ambitious people may gorge on pink pills to be more productive and with drastic results. They fear the pill will only accelerate competitiveness in sports and careers too and give a whole new twist to doping.

The Human Rights activist too seemed to be at loggerheads with the invention. They fear that prisoners, rapists and serial killer might be administered the blue pills in the future against their free will. They are planning to stage worldwide protests regarding the same.

City planners and environment activist fear that the rich may use the drug in thier old age to prolong their nonproductive lifespans. They might do so in the hope of new medical breakthroughs that can reverse aging while allowing them to be productive in future. A hope that will no doubt overburden the planet.

As a reader, I have a question for you.

If the pills become available in the near future which one do you think you need? And do you think there is a possibility of overuse?

Share your opinion please.

Also, I would like to understand why so much of furore is being created over an invention while most people choose willingly to become rats in the race of life, even when no one is forcibly injecting them with the pink serums. And why is everyone ignoring the centre path that a little introspection reveals.

Disclaimer: There has been no such breakthrough and there are no scientists working on the serum. Or any controversey. All of us are relstively safe for now. But most humans are already consuming the blue variants which are called tranquillizers and the pink pills called speedos, cocain, energy drinks, stimulants like dexidrine and adderal and more, to get more out of life. Why is no one thinking about them?

More importantly why are we not thinking about ourselves and what we are doing to our lives.

Share and make life beautiful and the planet too.