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Mylio is an indispensable tool for organizing, securing, and viewing your photos. If you haven’t tried it yet, chances are it’s because you’ve still got questions about the platform. …

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When it comes to family photography, the ultimate goal for most of us is longevity. We want our photos to outlive us. Our children can look back on their childhoods as adults. Our childrens’ childrens’ children can feel connected to their family history.


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Sometimes social media advertising is a life-saver… or maybe I’m just very easily convinced. Either way, the LegacyBox promo code popped up on my newsfeed at just the right time. …

Organizing your family photos wherever you happen to be

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Mylio on the Go

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Ask anyone wanting a family photo library what’s standing in their way. They’ll almost always give you the same answer: time.

When you’re dealing with hundreds to thousands of family photos, it may seem like the project requires more time than you have to…

Baby looking out from under a purple blanket

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Isn’t it a load off your mind when everything is tucked away where it belongs? Don’t you breathe a big sigh of relief when you know the things that are most important to you are secure, safe, and accessible right when you need them?

Whether you’re a film buff, professional photographer, or color enthusiast, you’ve probably heard about color grading with LUTs. Although the inner workings of this process are deeply technical, don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s outside your reach. …

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As a photo editor and photography writer, I spend a lot of time thinking about the newest, latest, and greatest techniques and equipment. …

Get family photos looking their best with Mylio’s user-friendly features

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“What if I mess something up when I edit photos?”

This is a very common fear for people who want to work on their family photo library, but haven’t done a lot of photo editing. …

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When it comes to memories, everyone’s brain works a little differently. Some of us think in terms of people; we see a face in our minds and navigate to our memories using the feelings that face triggers. …

How to digitize, organize, and access your family photos

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Once upon a sweltering Alabama summer, a young man winked at a young woman in a department store lobby. They fell in love, lived in Germany for a while, had a daughter, and loved each other for the rest of their lives. …

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