Need in Self-improvement

You know sometimes, when you feel like you are not enough for everyone in the world. I'll say every young adults would feel this way in the process of meeting someone or continue on dating someone and suddenly we have this feeling that maybe they are thinking that others are better than them but honestly all we need to have confident in ourselves then everything would be alright and maybe the trust, which is hard for all of young adults. Lately I've been having this trouble myself, I don't believe in myself adding the fact that in my head I keep on thinking that others are better than me but honestly it is not true, they are just like me. And I should be thinking that I'm better than them but honestly I am and not sound to mean but that's how I'm supposed to think so I could have a successful life.

“Fear stops us from doing great things" - Jodi fox

It is actually true, us young adults. We fear that we might fail and that just stop us from doing whatever things we need to do, and that shouldn't be happening. I wonder how many of us that fear has stop from doing something great in life, so many of us, myself included. Fear has stopped me from passing so many exams that I'm regretting right now, and why is that? Maybe at that, all I should have think about is that I can actually do it and actually pass but yet all I was thinking is that I might fail and won't be able to be what I want to be in the future. I understand that it is very hard but the more we try, is the more we would success. And who doesn't want to be a successful men/women, everyone so be the best you can in this world, and trust me you won't regret.

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