Does Chanting Hanuman Chalisa Nullify the Mangnlik dosha ?

Manglik dosha in Indian astrology happens when the position of planet damages in 1,4,7,8,12, house. So if the planet blemishes is available in any of these five houses it will bring about manglik dosha or kuja dosha. A few astrologers additionally consider the dosha if it blemishes is in second house, half of the population have this dosha in their introduction to the world outline. The greatest misinterpretation with respect to manglik dosha in vedic crystal gazing is the passing of the companion in the event that one experiences manglik dosha. It doesn’t occur for each situation. This happens when other terrible mixes of the planets are likewise there in your diagram. Manglik doshas in vedic crystal gazing is not there if blemishes is available in its own particular house. Regardless of the possibility that your ninth house has solid benefic planet then the impact of blemishes set in seventh and eighth house are wiped out.

Impacts of Manglik Dosha

The force of manglik dosha relies on the quantity of graphs where it is available furthermore the house where it is dwelling. It additionally varies from individual to individual. In any case, there will undoubtedly happen some evil impact that can be:

Delay in getting hitched

Issues in wedded life

Jumble considering


Passing of the mate

Poor start of the profession

Sporadic instruction

Labor issues

Therapeutic Measures For Manglik Dosha

Taking after are the therapeutic measures for the Manglik Dosha. In the event that benefited legitimately results will take after:

Serenade the Hanuman Chalisa every day.

From the primary Tuesday of another month in a rising moon period Start a quick.

From a Tuesday begin droning the Sunder Kand from the Tulsi Ramcharitmanas for 40 days constantly. Achievement guaranteed. All desires will be satisfied.

Day by day serenade the Gayatri Mantra for 108 circumstances consistently every day.

Wear a dark red coral in gold in the ring finger of right hand while droning the mantra OM KRAAM KREEM KROUM SAH BHOMAY NAMAH.

Wear the red coral subsequent to getting your horoscope broke down from a decent stargazer.

Revere Lord Hanuman with the mantra:OM SHREEM HANUMATE NAMAH.Go to the Hanuman sanctuary on Tuesday and offer desserts ,sindoor and light a ghee light.

Give blood on a Tuesday at regular intervals if wellbeing licenses.

Give red garments to laborers who work with sharp iron articles.

Play out the mangal Sadhana on a triangular mangal Yantra alongside the mangal stotra (Prayer to mangal).

On the off chance that Manglik Dosha is the reason for your not getting hitched then all things considered do the quick as portrayed above and alongside it nourish ants with wheat flour on that day. Achievement is certain.

Play out the Hanumant Sadhana on a Hanumant Yantra.

You can do any of the cures or utilize a mix of cures. Cures number 5, 9, 11 ought to be done in the wake of taking legitimate direction. When you begin the cures the great outcomes will take after.

To the extent handy experience goes the best solution for the Manglik Dosha is droning of the Hanuman Chalisa and recitation of the Sunder Kand.

Mahamrityunjaya paath (recitation of Mahamrityunjaya mantra)

Encourage feathered creatures with something sweet

Keep ivory (Haathi Daant) at home

Adore banyan tree with drain blended with something sweetKeep Kesariya Ganapati (orange shaded symbol of Lord Ganesha) in love room and love day by day

Kumbha Vivah, Vishnu Vivah and Ashwatha Vivah. Ashwatha vivaha implies the marriage with peepal or banana tree and cutting the tree after that. Kumbha Vivah, additionally called Ghata Vivaha implies marriage with a pot and breaking it after that. More nitty gritty can be found in — Dharam Sindhu and Mahurat Chitamani.

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