Coral is organic gemstone that is secreted by living organisms polyps are mainly found in tropical oceans, the coasts of Italy, France and Spain. Coral gemstone has many astrological benefits and along with this it is widely used in jewelry.

One of the most important questions that arise in your mind is that what type of coral jewelry people used to wear in ancient times?? In this article I am going to tell you how coral jewelry has been changed from ancient times till now.

Coral jewelry attracted jewelers for so many centuries because of its softness, supply and its way of polishing. The Coral gemstone can be fashioned into round or oblong beads and can be set in necklaces and rings.

In previous centuries people used to wear jewelry that is made of natural coral stone . At that time people mostly used Coral gemstone as astrological purpose. But after some time the appealing red color of Coral gemstone forced them to use jewelry as well. They used the coral stone in its natural state and made the different ornaments.

Their necklaces were made from the coral beads which used to look so attractive and appealing. The brides during previous centuries prefer to wear coral jewelry on their weddings. They didn’t use any other metal in coral jewelry.

The ornaments that people used to wear in ancient times were coral earrings, coral bracelets, coral beads pendants.

If we talk about coral jewelry that is worn in modern times is totally different from the ancient times. The only common thing is that people still love to wear coral jewelry. But today they wear light weight coral jewelry and uses other metals such as gold, diamond or alloy. In modern coral jewelry the Coral gemstone is the center of attraction.

Some of the examples are given below:

  1. ) Coral Pendant: Today girls prefer to wear coral stone studded in gold pendant.

2.) Coral Earrings: Similarly, girls prefer to wear earrings in which coral stone is dazzling with diamonds.

Women love to wear coral bracelets and rings embedded in gold and sterling silver. In modern times Red Coral gemstone is still considered as a very powerful gemstone for astrological purpose. People still wear Coral gemstone to reduce the malefic effects of Mars and to overcome Manglik Dosh.

So still times have changed, but the significance of Coral gemstone and jewelry is same among people.