How Price of Red Coral Stone Is Determined

While determining the price of red coral gemstone or other gemstone, gem sellers considers many factors such as color, cut origin and inclusions. However, from a buyer’s point of view, it is hard to understand the meaning of all these specifications and why two gemstones that have same weight, same color, and cut is being sold out at different prices. To understand how the price of red coral gemstones and other gemstones are decided read the following article:

Inclusions majorly affect the price of gemstone: By inclusions we mean the addition or occurrence of foreign substances in the structure of a stone. A stone which contain the large number of foreign elements within its structure is considered of low quality. The reason why it is considered of low quality because stone lacks its original or natural substances and filled of foreign or unrequited elements belittle the overall value of any stone.

Similarly, in case of red coral stone, if this stone possesses large number of inclusions, its quality gets hamper at large. And, a red coralstone with large number of inclusions will bring down its cost effectively. On the other hand, less inclusion gemstone will considered being high quality or natural gemstone and will cost you arm and leg.

Apart from inclusions the other factor which impacts the cost of coral or other gemstone is its origin. A red coral gemstone which is found in Italy is considered being the best quality coral stone. Consequently, due to its rich feature, the red coral stone of Italy is sold at high price. With comparison to Italy red coral stone, other origin red coral stones are cheap.

Apart from this, the other factor which impacts the price of red coral stone is its color. A stone having rich color and unique luster is being sold out at high price whereas, a coral stone with less attractive color and cut is sold at reasonable less price.

So, if you planning to purchase a coral gemstone so must consider all these factor before making any move. And do ask your seller about the treatments, origin and color quality of this stone.

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