Red Coral Gemstone For Libra Zodiac Sign

The zodiac sign Libra (23 September to 23 October) is being governed by the substantial planet Venus that does not share friendly relation with the planet Mars the rulers of the gemstone red coral.

Consequently, the red coral stone does not prove beneficial for Libra ascendants because this stone perpetually exists in the 7th or 2nd house that altogether ensemble negative result on the life of Libra.

Therefore, as per the above facts it is clear that red coral or moonga stone is not favorable for Libra natives. Nevertheless, they can try this stone if mars exist in its own house to receive enormous number of positive results along with that a Libra native can wear red coral stone during the major period of mars.

Red coral stone is related with red color substantial planet mars that are acknowledged being one of the most impressive planets in the assembly of all nine planets.

This planet signifies courage, determination, luck, anger, physical strength, cruelty and health. By the virtue of this, a person can wear red coral gemstone to stimulate all these positive properties of mars lead red coral stone in their life.

A person can wear red coral gemstone engagement ring, wedding ring to emanate hidden love, romance in the love life or married life. Apart from this, red coral stone is worn to emancipate a person from several serious diseases such as chicken pox, pyorrhea, piles and lungs diseases.

Due to carrier of such an excellent healing properties and magical properties the red coral stone holds paramount importance among all other planets.

Usually, this stone is conferred being the birthstone for Scorpio and Aries nonetheless, natives of other signs can also adopt this stone by analyzing the position of mars in the horoscope of a person?

The red coral stone should be worn during the Tuesday morning with copper ring in index finger of the right hand.

Price of red coral stone: By virtue of excellent properties which mars ruled red coral stone possess a person usually thinks that the price of red coral stone would be not accessible. However, a person should not be worried about the price of red coral stone instead of being worried about the price of stone. They should be worried about the quality of red coral stone since wearing a fake red coral will carry dreadful or inauspicious results.

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