Today’s world is a flurry of busy people and a never-ending flow of products that are all making their way to us in some form or the other. Magazines, billboards, posters and a host of other media and advertising material is rife with a host of different information that is targeted towards gaining our attention. To promote these products and services we often see picture-perfect models, with their even more perfect makeup. Flipping through these magazine at a doctor’s appointment or while waiting in line at the salon, a common thought that runs through your mind is… how do they always seem to look so fresh-faced?


If you are contemplating booking yourself an appointment for semi-permanent makeup, it is best you first have a thorough understanding of what you can expect. To familiarise yourself with the subject, one of the best examples would be tattooing. Tattoos and semi-permanent makeup work in somewhat similar ways although one major difference sets them apart; one is permanent whilst the other is not. However, they both make use of needles to transfer pigments beneath the first layer of skin. Semi permanent makeup is also commonly referred to as ‘micro-pigmentation’, or ‘cosmetic tattooing.’ The length of your treatment is subjective based on what you are getting done, although the general timespan is around 1.5 hours.


For those who have a phobia of needles, this maybe a tricky one. Although the pain is practically non-existent, if this happens to be your first time nervousness is normal as is a slight sense of anxiety. A good way to ensure you relax is to prepare yourself well beforehand so you get to know the procedure as well as ask any questions you may have. Firstly, a safe anesthetic is used to numb the skin area so you need not worry about any uncomfortable sensations from the needles. The second step is very important as it involves your linergist tracing the required shape and shades on your face for example eyebrows, and lips. This is what will be used as the mould to complete the final job and is therefore done painstakingly only with your ultimate satisfaction, so make sure it is exactly how you want it to be! Colours are then picked out based according to your skin-tone and preference.


Before you expect these results to last throughout your lifetime, the term ‘semi-permanent’ makeup should be reiterated. Although duration of treatment is subjective as it depends on the lifestyles of each person, on average it is calculated to last for around 1–3 years. External factors such as vigorous sports or excessive exposure to the sun along with other elements can fade the makeup earlier than the stipulated timeframe. When discussing your options with your linergist, also explain your lifestyle habits so that they may be able to advise you accordingly ensuring you will get better and long-lasting results be it eye brows in Dubai or anywhere else.


Although Photoshop has a big hand in how images are presented to us, to a great degree it also depends on the model’s presentation. Gingerly, the world has begun to cotton onto this concept and now semi permanent makeup in Dubai is safely available. Booking an initial consultation will go a long way in making sure that the process is smooth and you do not experience any problems. If you are particularly sensitive, or have any allergies, it is a must that you convey this clearly to the salon as it is your responsibility. Research a few options to find the most reliable place.

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