Meet The Team: Steven Harlow - Senior Software Engineer

Jun 7, 2018 · 4 min read

Indisputable Labs is excited to introduce to you Steven Harlow, our programming ninja currently building out the sophisticated technology behind Coral Protocol.

Somehow he has never been a professional model (or so he tells us)

Steven comes to us and the blockchain space with a diverse background of experiences, including his time as a scientist studying the behavior of varying species of Gobioid fish and hypothesizing the correlation of aggressive nature and exploratory actions.

Steven, born and raised in Livonia, Michigan, grew up around technology with his Dad (an electrical engineer) and had computers before anyone he knew did(circa 1993.) He got access to the Atari games system young and the passion started there.

In addition to his love of technology, Steven has two other loves — nature and science — both of which he has dedicated time to throughout college and beyond.

After attending Western Michigan University for his undergraduate degrees in Environmental Sciences and Biology, Steven worked at Notre Dame for a year conducting animal behavior and personality research before going back to school for his Masters degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences at the University of Illinois.

Steven in his research days

After this work in ecology spending hours on end behind a fish tank, Steven was craving a new city and a new experience different than anything he’d done before and so he took up a year-long fellowship program teaching science to kindergarteners and first through fifth graders in the Oakland School District. His students lovingly referred to him as Mr. Carlos as some had trouble pronouncing Mr. Harlow :)

This was how Steven made his way out to the Bay Area, and he hasn’t looked back in 8 years!

Following this challenging and rewarding experience, Steven took a stab at entrepreneurship, starting a company which offered crowdfunded loans to small businesses. And while Steven had played around with coding throughout his life, it was during this chapter that he really taught himself how to program on a whole other level while building out this product.

The company LendSocial ran its course, had some successes, and ultimately Steven chose to let it go to focus on exciting new programming opportunities at companies including Trainer RX, FLYR, and Reesio where he worked on distributed architecting and building out robust software programs and web apps utilizing a number of languages from Ruby, C++, Java, Python, Swift, javascript, and node.

Then fate would have it that Steven ran into a long-time friend, Dave, Indisputable Lab’s CEO, who presented an exciting opportunity he couldn’t pass up! Dave had a blockchain lab concept in the works, and although Steve was just about to fly off to a 6 month trip around the world with his girlfriend Isabel,

Steve + Isabel

it ended up working out that by the time he returned, Indisputable was ready for him more than ever and he on-boarded with the team quickly thereafter.

Steven is excited to work in the blockchain space because he sees it has the potential to allow for more people to express their voices.

“The way blockchain is built puts the power of creation and decision making into the community instead of the provider.”

“Every new space and architecture enables people to create which can result in interesting landscape shifts. Think about the architecture of the Internet and what evolved as a result of that. There’s so much to experiment with and so much that doesn’t exist yet.

It’s the same on the technology side. For example with Python, there is already a well established community, with tooling and conventions. With blockchain, there is a lot of code to still be able to contribute to the overall community to ease the speed and strength of development.”

Steven is passionate about this specific blockchain project at Coral because creating the foundation of trust and security with transactions is instrumental to blockchain technology being able to gain mass appeal and adoption.

“No human wants to be on-guard and expend mental energy worrying about payment transactions they make. There are several prerequisites that need to be built for widespread blockchain adoption, and the solution Coral provides is one of them.”

When Steven isn’t in the zone creating beautiful code, you’ll find him out in nature, rock climbing, skydiving, surfing, snowboarding, sailing, working out at the gym, or on the dance floor!

Oh yeah and sometimes he likes to do fun things with his hair (helps that his girlfriend just so happens to be a hairstylist)

And now for a fun few additional facts about Steven, or as we like to call him- Steve:

He loves waterfalls

Countries visited: Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Czech Republic, France, Portugal, Spain, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Peru, Chile, and all over the Caribbean

Go-to programming snack: Red Bull + Spicy Nacho Doritos (and only spicy nacho flavor!) Seriously, he should own stock.

Favorite music: International beats and tropical house

Favorite fish: Angler Fish

Steve’s spirit animal


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