Impact Update

Coral Tribe was built differently. Since day one we have been united by purpose — to make environmental action something fun, and accessible for everyday people like us.

The first ambitious goal we set was to plant 3K corals around the world. Our community made a lot of the work possible. Below is an overview of our environmental commitment so far, but first, a few facts:

The State of Coral Reefs

Corals are the most globally threatened ecosystem, and perhaps one of the most significant. Around 1 billion people depend on them. And it is estimated that 25% of the fish in our seas live on coral reefs. Regrettably, during the last decades we’ve lost more than half of corals worldwide.

Planting corals is not easy

Corals reefs are the under-water rainforests. They hold an equal amount of biodiversity and help absorb a tremendous amount of CO2. But planting corals isn’t as simple as planting seeds.

Corals are animals, they are delicate and can only survive in favourable conditions. Some thrive in deep waters, whilst others enjoy the shallows. This makes restoration a difficult but fascinating undertaking.

Coral Tribe’s nursery in Turks and Caicos Islands

We have 1450 corals to go to reach the 3K objective. We’re over halfway there.

Where have we focused our planting efforts?

Coral Tribe focuses on 3 biologically critical regions: Indonesia, the Mediterranean, and the Caribbean. These regions are important for local populations and global ocean stability.


The Coral Triangle, one of the world’s most biodiverse reef systems, is home to Indonesia. In collaboration with Coral Guardian and Coral Triangle Centre, we planted corals throughout Bali and the Hatamin Islands. We are currently planting more corals there this month.

Our partners were determined to get back in action following Covid to help repair a reef damaged by local dynamite fishing. This type of fishing is the most destructive of all. Despite the fact that it is illegal, sometimes we find that waters lack oversight. The work our partners have done so far has been remarkable, despite difficult challenges.

Colourful species have already been spotted in our corals, including damselfish, rabbitfish, and trumpetfish. We expect these habitats to attract other famous residents of the Coral Triangle, such as bluefin tunas, turtles, and dugongs.

Let’s keep it flowing, Tribe. A lot of the work was made possible because of our community.


In Spain, we have funded the restoration of the strikingly rare Orange Tree Coral, with over 300 corals planted to date. This beautiful coral is found in deep sea waters and inhibits all sorts of creatures. Coral Guardian has planted them in Punta de La Mona, a biologically rich area that has suffered from human overfishing and pollution. This gloomy task required the collection of hundreds of kilograms of waste.

Coral Soul, a close partner of Coral Guardian, is doing its part to exert pressure on local governments to protect and regulate the region. A petition to support this can be signed here.

The rare orange tree coral (Dendrophyllia Ramea)
Our partners from Coral Guardian scuba diving near the rare orange tree coral (Dendrophyllia Ramea)


The Caribbean holds a special place in our hearts — a lot of Coral Tribe NFT holders live there and report on the incredible work being done on the Turks and Caicos Reef Fund. Our Tribe’s corals are a popular site for divers, and serve as a top education and research facility showcasing the beauty & importance of reefs.

What we’ve achieved and the road ahead

Currently, the Coral Tribe community helped plant 1,550 corals that have benefited over 4,500 people through local education, diving, scientific research, and job creation. The funding we provided to our partners in Spain has also helped them remove over 100 kilograms of plastic waste.

With climate change accelerating, this work is more critical than ever. As corals sequester 70+ megatons of carbon per year (equivalent to the annual emissions of over 14 million cars), every additional coral planted is crucial.

Corals have lived on our planet for thousands of years, and some corals can live for up to 5,000 years. We expect them to make a lasting impact on future generations.

We’ve come a long way together, but our impact doesn’t end here. Through our Web3 impact investing hub, we aim to further our environmental efforts beyond planting 3K corals.

Our mission has always been clear — we’re here to make impact accessible, and fun for everyday people.

Our planting partners in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Stay tuned and get involved…

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