Yours for once:

You were mine for one time only…

I remember, don’t you

The moment you crept close

And looked through

My eyes the color of a rose

Red from watching you

Touching without touching skin

Speaking without words

You kept creeping close

Your nose

Now so close

The shivers come up

Fast and hot like lava

Your lips part

I stare

You move

Now your mine and I am yours

Don’t you remember?

How your hands slipped inside my shirt

And they hovered in my back, slowly

Skin on skin

Pulling me closer to you

You whose tongue searched mine

My mind, hazy, blurry

My heartbeat accelerating

The taste, Oh! The feeling

Clothes end up in the floor

You touch me even more

Your mouth finds my breast

My breath just left

A soft moan escapes

By the humidity of your mouth

As it caresses my essence

Don’t you remember?

From there it was a wonder

Your hip pounding into mine

Your hands, grabbing my thighs

My nails digging into your back

My back arching high

Harder you pound

The louder I scream

Your name

Now at the top of my lips

The final moment comes

You came

We showered

You left

Not even a kiss

After all of this

Never again have I tasted your lips… I guess you do not remember at all.