Though, I agree with you that governments are, by and large, incompetent, you appear to base your…
Pontificant Pontificant

“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”

Grand conspiracies are fictional constructions that ignore the way the world actual works in order to create narratives that people want to believe, or want others to believe.

People that believe in Grand Conspiracies are executing a series of critical thinking and logic failures.

This is what you have done. This where you are.

As to your statement that my observations of your probable chain thoughts are inaccurate assumptions, let me ask you the following:

  1. So you wouldn’t describe Erodgan’s intent as sinister?
  2. Do you believe the coup was carried out incompetently? Or that it was carried out exactly as intended?
  3. Do you deny that Erdogan being the primary recipient of the advantages and benefits of this coup failing is not a primary bullet point in why you think the coup was staged by Erdogan?
  4. Was the coup’s apparent incompetence not a primary bullet point in your chain of thought that led you to believe the coup was staged?

Additionally, You Say:

“Further, your arrogant assumptions as to how I arrived at my opinion better reflect your internal thought process, your naivete and are wrong.”

I propose the following: Your arrogant assumption that my observations of you reflect my internal thought processes actually reflect your internal thought processes about my thought processes.

Both statements are equally valid and nonsensical. Yours is rather more arrogant. (since you initiated)

Additionally, You Say:

“I appreciate you having an opinion, but personal attacks on me and the facts on the ground, do not support it.”

There was not one single personal attack in my entire post unless you consider me stating that you are in fact a proponent of a grand conspiracy theory to be an insult (I never use it as an insult until I discover that a person believes in more than one grand conspiracy, and then you can consider what appears to be a neutral statement in the context of an insult, as it would be meant)

You might also consider that my opinion, that your opinion is entirely and utterly nonfactual, baseless, and rather classic narrative seeking behavior is an insult. However, since I never expressed that level of detail of my own opinion about you, in my original post, I have to say that it doesn’t count as an insult.

Furthermore, related to facts on the ground…the only facts that you have stated were that:

A. A coup failed

B. It failed quickly

My original comment was actually in response to your statement about “rebel territory” of which there was none. I would call this a misfact. Unless that was your intent by using quotation marks.

Everything else is conspiracy theory gobbledey gook. State an additional fact, perhaps one that actually supports your position, or one fact at all that supports your assertions, and we can talk about it. Additionally, your use of “facts on the ground” is amusing to me for reasons.

Additionally, I admit to arrogance.

Yours Truly,

Titus Veridius

For reference sake our previous correspondence is listed below:

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

YOU: The whole coup d’é·tat was planned by Erdogan in order to eliminate those who would ultimately stand against his slide towards authoritarian rule. Between him flying around, unharmed, in “rebel” controlled area to the speed with which his government collected up the rebels with little to no resistance, the whole thing smells like a manufactured crisis with a swift, pre-planned conclusion, resulting in a government with more power and the people with less…

ME: You are doing what most grand conspiracy theorists do. You are attributing sinister planning where incompetence is more likely. You see all sides of a conflict taking political advantage of a situation and see foresight and planning. Obviously if Erdogan benefits from the failed coup he was responsible for it? Obviously since the Turkish military is so good at coups this must have been planned to fail? (recent Turkish military coups were done with a unity of command and orchestrated by the Army, not the Airforce)

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

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