And given what was happening where do you think he should have gone??
James A Johnson

If I were him, I would have planned and executed better. I’d be under a false identity, with a makeover in third world country, laying low, using tradecraft to avoid leaving a paper-trail and being seen too much. Rather than relying on the generosity of questionable governments to take me in. (what happens when Russia decides to question him rather sharply? Security clearance holder that he is. Are you sure that he knows nothing that might damage the US? He put himself into that position.)


I’d expect to eventually get caught, and arrange to turn myself in after the information is leaked, because my cause is just, and I want to be tried as a maybe-patriot in a US courtroom, by my peers, rather than get poisoned by the CIA or drone striked, or put myself in questionable moral circumstances, while hiding in a Russian or Venezuelan safe house.

or. if I didn’t think I could hide for a significant period of time without making myself valuable to the Russian intelligence services and Czar Putin I, and didn’t want to throw myself before my peers in a US courtroom, I would probably just make anonymous whistle blowing complaints to the Inspector General’s Office, leak some small things to the press, without putting myself in the gravest danger. Or just drink heavily.


I have been in jail. I’m not a sandle/slippers kind of guy. ( 3 hours of jail was enough for you to decide that next time you’ll take drastic action to prevent that, possibly endangering cops and civilians just doing their jobs? Okay friend.)


(That being said, I’m morally, ethically, and professionally opposed to the scope and reach of US intelligence services, both on foreign and domestic soil. The FISA court is a secret kangaroo court, and only denies warrants if the paperwork is filled out incorrectly.)

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