Nick Kelly

Nice breakdown Nick. I’m right there with you. Some of the stats you see a lot today is the connection between Millenials > Brands > and the Digital space. Like this one;

Millennials also engage with brands more deeply through social networks: 52 percent said that, at least occasionally, they use their mobile devices on social media to note that they “like” a brand, compared with 33 percent of boomers. Also, 39 percent post product reviews, 35 percent share links about products on LinkedIn, and 32 percent said that they follow brands on Twitter. In each case, the percentage of Millennials who reported these activities exceeded that of boomers by 150 to 250 percent.

The problem is these sort of statistics feed brands and advertisers in their perceived right in the practices you are talking about. If it works they really don’t care about how much they are deluding these networks. For the brands and advertisers, it will always be about moving on to the next big thing. Until we stop paying attention, I’m not sure we have much power to stop it.