You’ve heard it before. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Execution is what matters.

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That’s mostly true, but all else being equal (i.e., if your execution is the same), which idea you choose actually matters a great deal.

Over at The Sparkline, we just heard from James Davis, who started two businesses at the same time. One business (about running a summer camp) earned $20k, while another (about fantasy sports) is at a $250k annual run rate. And the kicker is, he spent more energy on the summer camp business. Read more: How Two Fantasy Sports Fans with No Technical Skills Built a $250,000 Per Year Business »

Ideas aren’t worthless, they’re a multiplier of execution. …


Corbett Barr

Lifestyle entrepreneur, traveler, blogger. In search of the good life. Co-founder of @Fizzle: the roadmap for independent entrepreneurs. http://corbettbarr.com

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