Stay at a place where you can feel pure bliss: Iris Resorts

Vacations are the sweet fruits of summer, Quench your thirst of staying at a beautiful location by planning an amazing trip for your family. To stay away from city’s hustle bustle, you should plan a trip to mountains, a place that gives the right peace of mind and is divine. Jim Corbett is the most sought-after destination for mountain lovers. Feel the adrenaline rush with activities like trekking, rappelling, river crossing, camping and much more at the river side.

If you love to see nature’s best creation like birds and Animals then Jim Corbett is one for you. Many tourists visit Jim Corbett for wildlife viewing as it shelters a healthy population of tigers and endangered species. Corbett is a distinguished National Park which came to limelight for its first white tiger project in 1973. Get a picturesque view of royal Bengal tiger Jim Corbett, one of the most admired species of the tiger with elephant, raptors and rich birdlife. Go for wildlife safari under the blue sky of summer and see the heaven on earth with the sheer abundance of wildlife and Nature. Jim Corbett tops the list of Favourites for those who admire wildlife and are an enthusiast to see different species of tiger.

It is an enthralling place to spend your summer vacations as it is packed with so many activities that you can’t get enough of Jim Corbett. Make most of your Jim Corbett Riverside Resort Booking, Stay next to river Kosi and listen to the beautiful song of the river and feel paradise. The flora and Fauna are beguiling with lush green gardens and tall trees. You can gaze at the colours of summer that pop through summers’ flowers. Sit on the riverside or do camping to feel the nature’s lap. The span of entire Jim Corbett is huge; it expands to 520 square kilometres that offer variety in landscape with a mix of hills, marshy depressions, riverine belts, grasslands and the large lake.

The resort offers a comfortable stay with all modern facilities amidst emerald green forest; feel ecstatic when you open your eyes in morning with a wonderful view of mountains covered with green forest and birdlife. Every room is well-equipped with modern equipment of accommodation like couches, lamps, air conditioners, WI-FI with a touch of nature in it. Our resort is reviewed as best hotel to stay in Corbett with accolades to our hospitality. Our guest is of utmost importance to us so we have strict security measures to provide a safe and sound stay amidst the forest. Avoid last minute hassle by getting pre-booking of our resort to ensure the comfortable stay.

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