Purchasing Apple Products Does Not Make Me An Elitist

I purchased a Macbook Pro.

Now stop and reflect on what you are thinking about that sentence.

Maybe it is the Apple advertisements or maybe it is the perceptions of the users, but I cannot help but feel judged by telling people this.

I am not rich by any means. I like non Apple products, and am not an aspiring author that types away at a Starbucks (I am more of a Dunkin’ guy myself).

My decision to purchase a Macbook Pro was a conflicting decision. I graduated college with a degree in Interactive Media, a hybrid of Computer Science and Graphic Design, and now work at a technical support call center. In both of those environments, I used Windows and Mac on a daily basis. While I am not someone who is certified in IT, I definitely know my way around a computer, regardless of the platform, which made it difficult for me to make a choice.

On one hand, I really loved my previous laptop that was running Windows 7. It was pretty rugged considering it had survived 4 years of heavy usage during college and a few more after that. In my laptop’s final days, I even managed to beta test Windows 10, which was a really nice progression from Windows 8.

On the other hand, I wanted to try something different. While I had used Macs in the classroom and at work, most of my work was done with Windows. Everyday use of the Mac platform was sort of a mystery to me.

After reviewing my past purchases, I realized that out of all the devices that I have ever owned, only the my iPhone and my Nexus 7 had a seamless recovery process if something went wrong. The reason being was that the hardware was manufactured alongside the software making it easy for me to research online and fix without the added hassle (and money) to take it to someone else for repair.

Once I had this realization, I knew my purchase would be a marriage of the hardware to the software. So when it came down to it, it was a decision between Microsoft Surface 3 and a Macbook Pro.

The Microsoft Surface made me uneasy with a keyboard that was not fastened and I was unsure of how it would fair with Windows 10 update and the limited size of the SSD. So I saved some money and choose to purchase a 2013 refurbished Macbook Pro.

So what am I getting at?

A brand does not define you, so stop judging those based on their product choices. Choose a product that is right for you.

While I am happy with my purchase, I am not completely infatuated with Apple products, nor do I plan to exclusively purchase from Apple. My love for technology and my indecision of operating systems will most likely lead me to buy a new internal hard drive for my Mac so that way I can run Windows 10 alongside my Mac.

Take that internet.

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