The Swirl Tour has come to an end and its no doubting it was a beautiful thing. We feel so blessed to have met so many wonderful people along the way.

If you want to put on a Swirl event in your local area, here are some of the ingredients to frame your event.

Swirl contributions:

How many guests? Up to 30 people is an ideal number, the ideal ratio of team to guests is probably 1 : 1 to 1 : 2


Happy Swirling!

By Naomi Robinson

Corcovado is in all of us;

It connects us intrinsically.

In the innate vulnerability we find answers.

Answers to questions we didn’t know we had.

Corcovado finds us exactly when we need it,

And impacts us in ways we never expect it to.

But isn’t that the point?

Corcovado helps us flourish.

It can’t live by one definition,

Because it means something different to everyone.

And in the overwhelming unknown,

We find a boundless place to belong;

A nomadic home.

So, what is Corcovado?

It’s inspiration, creativity, growth and positivity.

It’s learning, innovation, passion and experience.


Blog by Tom Mansfield — member of the community from London

I’m still digesting an experience I had over the last five days….

I travelled to the edge of the Cairngorms to stay at Daffys Gin distillery with a group of people I hadn’t met before. Dave Erasmus set in motion this swirl of people into the wild and it was the best blend I’ve been an ingredient in for long, long time. He has an illuminating conception of the intelligence process which helps to create or even requires the kind of adventure we had together, a swirl (verb).


Blog by Jack Taylor — member of the community from Berkshire

Hey everyone! My name is Jack and I’m 17 years old. I’m no stranger to alternative living and the adventurous lifestyle. Throughout my whole life, I’ve always been intrigued by the way society functions, and if there are any alternatives to what we perceive as the ‘normal life’.

I lived on a boat for around 2 years, and have been exploring consistently for the last few years. However, we felt it was time to switch up our lifestyle completely! In May 2018, we bought a minibus, and have now began to start converting it into a home!

In this series on my YouTube channel, I’ll be filming every bit of work we do to the bus, and uploading videos weekly!

Welcome to ‘The Myrtle Project’.

By Charlie Puleston — member of the community from Essex

Over the past year or two I have made a conscience decision to be more proactive with my time and invest it in things that make me happy. For me a key part of that aim was to start being more creative again, something that I had gradually suppressed since the days of school drama classes and wood work. In fact being in those classes was when I truly felt in my element and therefore happy. It’s hard to just start acting again, so I opted for DIY.

Now by…

Blog by Bradley Fletcher — member of the community from Norwich

For this blog I want to focus on two questions that I am being faced with daily. These are the questions; How did you connect with nature? What made you want to connect with nature?

I want to give a clear explanation to these questions to try and encourage other people to get involved with the environment. People always see the environment as a “political passion”, they believe its about facing the government and community with problems in the world and trying to overcome them by protesting and signing…

Blog by David Craggs — member of the community from South England

When I stumbled across Corcovado I was so surprised. For years I’ve been bugging my parents about building a tiny house in the middle of a forest and living a minimalist life. Obviously, this is one of my big aims for life, but finding a community out there that was also interested in the same aims as me, was enlightening. This all led to me creating my own little Corcovado corner in my very small garden. …

Blog by Darren Coleshill— member of the community from East Sussex

Being part of nature is one of the draw cards of being a landscape photographer. It’s a peaceful experience and can often be lonely but it allows you to connect with the environment like nothing else.

I would love to live off grid, to enjoy the woodland and also call it home but with a young family at this moment in time, it’s just not a possibility. …

Blog by Mickey— member of the community from South-western Germany

My journey with music started when I was about 9 years old. My brother had just gotten a keyboard and was about to start lessons. Up to that point I wasn’t really musical. At least as far as I remember. But that changed when I discovered that the sound of some keys fit really well to the sound other keys made. A bit later I started taking piano lessons and when I was 13 years old, I got my first guitar. A lot of things have changed since that day…

Blog by Holly-Anna Petersen — the Corcovado Network Facilitator, based in London

We now live in a world where people are more digitally connected than they have ever been before — with our life contact list and global information available at our fingertips. However, despite this, levels of loneliness are on the rise and people are increasingly feeling alienated from their surrounding environment.

Corcovado is a global community, exploring what it means to live authentically and in step with nature. …

Corcovado Creators

Corcovado is a space protected for human experience and creativity, come and seed what you make with nature

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