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By Naomi Robinson

Corcovado is in all of us;

It connects us intrinsically.

In the innate vulnerability we find answers.

Answers to questions we didn’t know we had.

Corcovado finds us exactly when we need it,

And impacts us in ways we never expect it to.

But isn’t that the point?

Corcovado helps us flourish.

It can’t live by one definition,

Because it means something different to everyone.

And in the overwhelming unknown,

We find a boundless place to belong;

A nomadic home.

So, what is Corcovado?

It’s inspiration, creativity, growth and positivity.

It’s learning, innovation, passion and experience.

It’s togetherness.

It’s individuality.

It’s community.

Corcovado is you.

Corcovado is me.

Corcovado is us.

But Corcovado is also beyond us.

Corcovado is everywhere.

It exists in the ether online.

It exists in one man in the middle of the woods.

It exists in a collective of people.

It exists in nature.

It exists in our hearts and minds.

The Corcovado legacy will carry on.

We share ourselves with each other and with the landscape.

And as we listen to nature,

The unspoken words fill our lives.

As the fire burns and crackles,

The trees answer calls, the stars shine, and the river runs.

And as you close your eyes to listen more carefully,

Or truly pay attention to the people around you,

You can sense what Corcovado can achieve.

Tell me,

Can you feel the magic that connects us?

Can you feel Corcovado flowing through you?

Can you feel it swirling with the wind?

Because I can.

To see more from Naomi, you can follow her on twitter at @Naomieir

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Corcovado is a space protected for human experience and creativity, come and seed what you make with nature

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