Experiences of the swirl: “This blew up a bit and I’m quite emotional now, I felt something in the way that we came together”.

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Blog by Tom Mansfield — member of the community from London

I’m still digesting an experience I had over the last five days….

I travelled to the edge of the Cairngorms to stay at Daffys Gin distillery with a group of people I hadn’t met before. Dave Erasmus set in motion this swirl of people into the wild and it was the best blend I’ve been an ingredient in for long, long time. He has an illuminating conception of the intelligence process which helps to create or even requires the kind of adventure we had together, a swirl (verb).

We went for a walk in the glorious autumn woods, fresh pines in radiant green burnt through rust reds and yellows, the ground a cushion of spent pine needles and moss. Lichen in profusion dappled dark bark with its powdery paleness, drinking the cleanest air. We picked botanicals — wood sorrel, geranium, blackberry, pine and others then we distilled a gin with them which we poured through an evening of writing, music and singing all together. I feel fully reconnected with my poetry and that I’ve caught up with who I am again, in a visceral way.

George Holliday took his most excellent bus and mobile studio up there and he played a beautiful connective role in enabling the talent and creating a hit! with everyone’s contributions in solo and chorus! Can’t wait to hear that track cleaned up.

So this was the first leg of month long tour to different locations, you can check out the other locations here — I recommend joining in or keeping an eye on where this goes.

In my understanding this project — Corcovado — is seeking to establish a network of beautiful places that offer patronage to artists and refuge for creative work of all kinds.

I conceive of it like this; the values of the romantic era were a counterpoint to industrial revolution, a surge of heart against the machine. I don’t want to labour this polarity in cultural evolution but simply state that we need a system of ‘attractors’ to draw us in the direction of partnership and flow away from the dominator mode that is now explicitly spoiling our entire world. This gathering and the other great initiatives out there, value Being before Having, Linking more than Ranking, these are the tenets of an ecological civilisation. One in which we cherish novelty and difference, where our default mode is to be xenophilic, we have nothing to fear out there though everything out there fears us. We live in the 6th mass extinction our planet has endured right now and while there are systems level solutions few of us can engage with and we certainly can’t consume our way into a better world, but we can create and seek out spaces for simply being together out of the techno-sphere and enjoying the convivial sensuality of life.

This blew up a bit and I’m quite emotional now, I felt something in the way that we came together. Festivals and gatherings have attempted to meet this need but now this is about a resilient network of sites with legacy that nurture the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

If you want to speak more to Tom about his experience, you can get hold of him at tom.paleblue@gmail.com

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Corcovado is a space protected for human experience and creativity, come and seed what you make with nature

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