“One Small Step” towards building a real estate business and disrupting an industry.

From my profile you can see that there was a day in college when an idea came into my head. I will remember it as a young 20 year old architectural student at Philadelphia University like it was yesterday for the rest of my life. But I never could have imagined the possibilities of what we are building today. It was one small step that I took in a direction that would change my life forever.

I took a simple problem and tried to solve it utilizing my problem solving skills as an architectural student at the time. The problem I was trying to solve was compiling a space to share and read about how multiple design disciplines worked together. Now this was before Pinterest became big, (but those damn architectural students are super smart too! They were trying to solve a similar issue.) Finding a space to see overlap in different things or disciplines. They obviously did it way better!

It was that day that I called my friend Vinny and said “Yo brother, I got an idea. I think we should create a blog that talks about how different disciplines overlap and work together! You know, kind of like designboom but have every article overlap.” He replied. “Ya sounds good I’m in!” The basic concept was to talk about how architecture and fashion were collaborating or how industrial designers and graphic designers were creating the next cool interface! After weeks of tinker with cool names, I settled on Designblendz. The slogan was “blending together all disciplines of design”

Here is a “cool” logo we created back in the day… which was a Wednesday. (Thanks Dane Cook). Our logo has changed dozens of times, but this was the first.

First Logo of Designblendz.

We started blogging and gaining followers as a newly created blog back in July 2011! I remember one day we made $11.00 on google adwords and it felt like we hit the jackpot! As a college kid in Philadelphia, $11.00 could get you entry into two parties that night, $5 at the golf house and $5 at the tennis house. And that extra dollar would go a long way down at the architectural studio vending machine. My favorite snack of choice was a Nestlé US chocolate crunch bar! Until the day we got our adwords account banned due to “unauthorized clicks”. I’ll also always remember one member who was part of our group back in the blogging days that said he went on our website and clicked the ad a bunch of times….. ahhh that was the end of that.

Fast forward 7 years later, and just shy of 4 years after graduation. There are plenty of things that occurred along the way, but I want to get to the moral of the story very quickly.

Designblendz still exists, our business is redefining the way our clients design, build, and sell real estate while starting to disrupt an industry. Our company now consists of 20+ team members through hard-work and dedication help achieve our mission everyday.

The moral of the story is, you just need to take that “one small step” out of your comfort zone towards something you are passionate about. Continue trying to take small step after small step and you never know what path those steps might lead you down.

P.S. - This is my first article on medium. (I love it!) I plan on writing and updating as much as possible to tell the journey between then and now. I hope to inspire others to chase their wildest dreams, build something great, and leave a positive impact on this earth! Be sure to follow and stay up to date as I release articles! I’m also here to answer any questions or help provide guidance! Leave comments below!