The Mad King
Ernesto Barbieri

“ the most stunning display of dissent in modern American history”

I still might say Occupy was more stunning. It never had a protest this large but 1) it led to occupations of parks in 900 cities in 22 countries; 2) occurred when a Democrat was in office and still spread; 3) was more directly connected to the attacks on private capital as opposed to one racist, piece of shit President.

All that said, you are right to say the public has power when organized and united. But it can’t solely be aimed at the White House, it should also be aimed at the private capital — the conglomerates that fund our campaigns, own most of the media, pay for all these Superpacs etc… Those problems are institutional and predate Trump (and will outlive him too).

But if it takes an openly racist, cretin to spark protest I welcome it. I just like to emphasize that the pilloring isn’t just happening in DC, but Wall Street and an effective social movement won’t work if it doesn’t directly attack the latter, as well as the former

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