La Di Da

Review: ‘La La Land’

Well, first of all, whatever else I have to say about La La Land, I must confess to losing it completely during the last few moments of the film. I was sobbing silently to myself, broken hearted, through the credits until the lights came on. It may be that I am particularly sensitive and prone to movie tears but also I think that the movie definitely has an effective classic romantic punch. It may not be ground breaking but it certainly delivered it well.

Despite this I am somewhat baffled by all the awards mania around this film. Its calling card is its throw back musical style. It was beautiful and charming, with splendid Technicolor sunsets. The nostalgia for old Hollywood, which the film captures in style, reflects what the characters themselves love and long for in ‘La La Land’. Stone’s journey of self doubt is particularly affecting. Their passion definitely came across as genuine. I’m not convinced, however, that it is a musical masterpiece.

The dancing was good fun; the jazz was great the songs were… fine… I’ve heard people rave about the music but personally nothing really grabbed me. I couldn’t help feeling that we needed a few stronger voices to make those songs really pop as opposed to the kind of thin rush whispered lines. The only song hat truly hit me was Stone’s ending piece.

In the end it was a good, old-fashioned love story, which I enjoyed, and I don’t think it needs to be anything more .