Eradicating malnutrition in all its forms for a healthier world

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One of the world’s biggest challenges today is malnutrition. That can mean undernutrition (not enough food), micronutrient deficiencies (not enough nutritious food) or overweight and obesity (too much food). Every country in the world suffers from at least one of these forms of malnutrition and some countries are affected by many, if not all of them.

You are what you eat — or don’t eat

All forms of malnutrition have an impact on people’s health and wellbeing. They affect livelihoods and impact one generation to the next. They increase the likelihood of children under five dying, and, if they survive, their school performance, productivity and life opportunities because they…

Do attractive women get investment funding?

To get funding for a business idea, a combination of business plans and slides along with the five minute pitch has become the industry standard. That isn’t much time for entrepreneurs to get their ideas across so a lot depends on the presenter’s ability to influence and persuade the potential investor that they are THE ONE who should get the money.

There are more men entrepreneurs in the world than women and in the US there are almost double the number of male entrepreneurs. Only 11% of high growth potential businesses in the US with venture-capital backing have been founded…

What can we learn from our African sisters?

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The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Report highlights some interesting paradoxes. One is that as countries become more developed, the less likely it is that a women will become entrepreneurs. Another is that as economies develop, women’s perception of their own entrepreneurial capabilities goes down.

What’s going on here? Why is it that as the standard of living rises, women are put off from going into business? Is it a gender issue? Is it education? Is it that with development comes bureaucracy and paperwork? Or is it because as we become middle class, everyone wants a profession? …

The rise and fall of the Imperial Typewriter Company 1908–1974

Have you noticed that articles about writing are often illustrated with photos of vintage typewriters — like my Imperial Model 50 above. They evoke a feeling of nostalgia for days gone by when a garreted writer picked out their masterpiece key by key.

Not so!

At the end of the late 1800s the portable typewriter was seen as THE disruptive technology of its day. The writer no longer had to be alone and stuck in their garret — with a PORTABLE typewriter they could write anywhere anytime. And businesses no longer needed rooms full of massive desk-bound typing machines. They…

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On searching for a salad in East Cambridge

I was recently in Boston for my son’s graduation. It’s a busy time of year with families converging on the city to celebrate. We found a place to stay in East Cambridge just off Cambridge Street where at night there were restaurants and bars packed with well-heeled clientele enjoying food and drink from all over the world. During the day though the well-heeled were gone and ordinary, hardworking people were going about their daily lives.

More than five a day

A few years ago I was diagnosed with coeliac disease. In the preceding undiagnosed years, the toxic effect of gluten meant poor absorption of nutrients…

“A dirt path in a forest on a bright day” by Lukasz Szmigiel on Unsplash

What they do and how we can help

First things first, what’s a forest? It can mean many things from scattered trees in dry landscapes to dense, close canopy old-growth forests in high rainfall areas. A forest can be an administrative unit, a type of land cover or a type of land use. Agroforestry refers to systems where trees are used on the same land as other crops or animals. All these share the common characteristic of trees being closely linked to agriculture and food production, and therefore, to food security and nutrition.

Who do forests feed?

People or communities who rely to some extent on forests and trees for their livelihood…

Cordelia Salter

Business mentor and coach for women entrepreneurs

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