Best Computerised Sewing Machines For Beginners

Computerized sewing machines have become a boon to ordinary sewing machine users. It increases speed and efficiency of work. Some of the best computerized sewing machines for beginners have training kit and tutorials for beginners.

Important aspects to look for beginners computerized sewing machines:

When looking to the advantages of computerized sewing machine over a manual one, the level of user and budget are some important aspects that require more considerations. A thorough market survey is essential as buyer gets to know the various types and offers. It is better to determine the needs of users than looking only for the advanced parameters.

The number of stitches Presses feet:

When purchasing a sewing machine, you may decide on the number of stitches required for daily work. Like, the fast sewing machine will do more stitches per minute than a low speed machine. Advanced version offers more stitches per minute. However, as a beginner in a computerised version of sewing machine one would opt for adjustable one.

Presser feet options:

The primary objective of presser feet is to adjust pressure for various fabrics. It holds fabric against feed dogs. Presser feet move fabric forward or backward. Like, lighter fabric requires more pressure while thick fabric requires less force for movement. Therefore, sewing machine with pressure adjustment features or automatic press feet pressure changer is advantageous


Need and requirements of individuals vary. So does the budget. However, you must set your budget and how much money you can spend as the cost of purchase, accessories, etc.

Warranty and post-sale support:

Before buying a sewing machine have a good understanding of the warranty and post sales support. Sewing machine comprises of many mechanical parts, and with usage, it is sure to face problems. Avoid the unnecessary hassle; it is best to check beforehand.

Product review:

1. Brother ES200 77 Stitch Function Computerised Free Arm Sewing Machine

Pros & Cons:


77 Built-in stitches

21 Decorative stitches

10 Quilting stitches

9 Heirloom stitches

5 Style One step buttonhole

7 Presser feet

LED display

Built-in automatic needle threader and thread cutter

Drop-in bobbin

Adjustable thread tension control

Built in storage

Handle for carrying


No start/stop button for speed control

Manual bobbin winding

Most renowned sewing machine in the segment, Brother ES200 77 Computerised Sewing Machine is a real marvel. The machine is user-friendly for various domestic and professional use. Low cost, lightweight, and easy maintenance make it the first choice among quality conscious consumers. Its LED computerized screen helps users to choose from wide array of stitches and designs. The free arm keeps very much convenient to sew those tough areas. The machine is weight light and portable.

Easy to use, simple computerized sewing machine offers its user’s choice of 77 stitches out which 21 are the decorative type. Apart from that, users can have utility, mending, quilting, stretch-stitching options. The buttonhole process is simple to handle. Buttons required to keep on an automatic buttonhole foot, attach the foot to machine and it sews perfect size buttonhole every time.

This computerized sewing machine has adjustable thread control. The built-in stitch width and length control allows easy manipulation with stitches and designs. It also comes with a built-in automatic needle threader and cutter. In ES200, the changing bobbin comes with the quick set drop-in bobbin.

The 110 volt computerized Brother sewing machine uses the electrical foot pedal for controlling sewing operations, which makes the speed control process always within the control of the sewer. Although it uses one needle, it has provisions for twin needle stitching.

Built-in accessory compartments are another advantage of this sewing machine. You can use this sewing machine to sew effortlessly on all types of fabrics, from six layer denim to sheer cotton. A wide variety of choice and user-friendly features of Brother ES200 makes it the first choice for any beginner switching from manual to computerized or professional for excellent sewing experience.

2. SINGER One Easy-to-Use Computerized Sewing Machine

Pros and Cons


24 Built-in stitches

12 Decorative stitches

4 Quilting stitches

6 Heirloom stitches

2 Style one step buttonhole

Automatic needle threader

Drop and Sew Bobbin system

Presser foot sensor

3 stay bright LED lights

Extra large sewing space


No speed control

No needle up and down features

SINGER One Easy-to-Use Computerized Sewing Machine is one of the stylish and quite sewing machines with many advanced features. The machine has features that are helpful to fine-tune your creative sewing abilities.

SINGER One Easy-to-Use Computerized Sewing Machine comes with twin needle features, which allows you to select twin needle efficiency if you want to have it. You can program the needle position to the highest upward position, which will let you remove the fabric easily from the machine.

Similarly, the LCD screen allows you to select the stitch selection by turning the dial knob, where you will have the type of stitch on the screen. By looking at the LCD image, you can decide the stitch length and even its width. The foot pedal is easy to control, by just pressing the pedal, the sewing machine is on its go and by sliding the speed governor, and you can always have the speed under your desired level.

Unlike other models, it has an extra large work area, 14.7-inch arm; which is beneficial for quilting, and other embroidery works. The stitch length can increase up to thrice the original stitch length. Bobbin incorporates drop-in technology, which let you place the bobbin instead of lifting the thread before you start sewing.

The machine comes with 25 years warranty, which is an assurance for the durability of the machine. Users are happy with its performance and machine comes with an easy to learn DVD, with details, the instruction is very much helpful even for a beginner.

3. Juki HZL –LB5020 Computerised Sewing Machine

Pros & Cons


20 built-in stitch pattern

One step buttonhole

6 Presser feet

Automatic tension control

Automatic needle threader

Automatic thread cutter

Push button stitch selector

Bright LED light



Only one buttonhole style

The Juki HZL-LB5020 Computerized Sewing Machine is apt for domestic use and preferred by many users, which draws tremendous favorable customer feedback. The computerized machine reduces the manual efforts and eases up the sewing experience.

The sewing machine comes with twenty built-in options, which allows you to select your most favorable stitching patterns. The stitch patterns will appear on the LCD panel, and you can control the length and width of the stitches as it appears on the LCD.

The Juki HZL-LB5020 designed by giving more focus on the threading side. The threading direction on the machine gives an exact idea how to thread the bobbin thread and upper threads. It comes with automatic threading features, which allows threading the needle with just one hand. Further, the presser foot automatically calculates the required pressure for different sewing materials and adjust the presser foot. It will provide smooth starting and right needle penetration for an excellent sewing experience.

The speed of the machine is easy to control by holding the start-stop button while sewing and let you stop the machine or go for a super slow mode the way you want to have it. You can also physically manoeuvre lock and back stitches by pressing the stitch regulator button. The sewing machine comes with the spacious working area in the medium segment category and has enough space on both sides of the needle area.


When Brother ES2000 is selling about $120, the rest two are slightly expensive. The price difference gives a favorable tilt for Brother ES2000, especially when we recommend it for a beginner. Similarly, when looking for the built-in stitch options, decorative, quilting, heirloom stitches Brother ES2000 stay ahead than the rest.

Further, when SINGER and Juki offer limited buttonhole styles, Brother ES2000 is offering 5 different style of buttonhole stitches, which eliminates the requirements to buy additional buttonhole accessories. Brother ES2000 is less weight and hence is easy portable. It comes with a styling push button selector for stitch selection.

The only disadvantage we can see is, it does not have an automatic tension control. Since we are evaluating a computerized sewing machine, we wish the sewing machine should have automatic tension control. Warranty factor is very much impressive, as it offers 25 years limited warranty, it can consider as a lifelong warranty, and you will have a trouble-free service support from Brother. Keeping all the positive elements, we are confident to recommend Brother ES2000 as the best computerized sewing machines for beginners.

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