Getting your Children to Brush Their Teeth

One of the big challenges that parents usually face is getting their children to brush their teeth. You cannot convince them to brush twice a day by urging them to brush. And even if you have got them to brush their teeth somehow by urging, making them to follow right technique of brushing is never an easy thing. Here, you can ask your dentist how to get your children to brush twice a day but it would be equally important to think according to the children’s perspective to get ideal results.

Remember, giving your children a lecture about dental hygiene might not work when it comes to actually getting them to brush their teeth. Instead, you will need to make them like the dental hygiene by creating some interesting elements for them in the dental hygiene processes.

Letting children to choose their toothpaste

Children rarely get to make decisions during their childhood. This the reason that they do not take much interest in the things imposed on them. On the other hand, if you intelligently create a chance for the children to make a decision about the thing you have planned for them, you will see them taking more interest in that particular activity. For instance, when it comes to brushing, you can make this activity interesting for them by letting them choose the toothpaste of their choice. By this, you are actually giving them some authority by letting them use the item they want. Here, you will have to ensure that your children are using small amount of toothpaste while brushing. Since their teeth are smaller, they do not need as much of the tooth as adults require.

Let your children have some company

The children usually like to have the company of their stuffed animals most of the times. You will see them taking those stuffed beings everywhere they go. The reason is that those filled clothes tend to keep your children warm and comfortable in the cozy activity they usually like. So, if you let them take those stuffed animals to the bathroom while going to brush, they would like to stay there for longer while brushing their teeth. The ideal duration for brushing the teeth is 2 minutes, and you will see them standing and brushing for this much longer without getting bored. One reason here is that children like to stay attached with their favorites.

Electric toothbrush

Children usually see it interesting to watch some electronics working. So, if you are noticing that your child is not paying attention to brushing his teeth twice a day every day, you can buy him an electric toothbrush. You will see your child loving the buzzing sound of motor and the brush doing its job in some sort of automatic way.

Remember, you just need to make the brushing an interesting activity for your child if you want him to follow your dental hygiene guidelines.