ERPs & BPMs Come with an Expiry Date, but VCA is a Permanent Solution

Technology tends to change every few year and the businesses, to have a competitive advantage, are forced to follow the latest trends in technology.

Mechanization transformed to digitization; digitization to business applications and in the present age, the rapid transformation in technology has led to the development of business automation solutions. It is not only much superior to business applications like ERPs, CRMs or BPMs but is also efficient and productive.

Business automation solutions are designed to increase the profit by a great margin and it is also a fact that automation has much more to deliver to the end user of products and services. In a research report (2017) published by McKinsey Global Institute, the experts believe that “At a time of lackluster productivity growth” automation “would give a needed boost to economic growth and prosperity.”

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and all such business applications come with an expiry date. Even more, they have limitations and are not applicable to other business processes, except for the one which they are designed for.

Automation is the new face of business technology. And Value Creation Automation or VCA is one of the world’s best technological solution available to the contemporary businesses all over the world. VCA converges the power and the features of all various business applications like ERPs, BPMs, and CRMs.

Unlike ERPs or CRMs, VCA does not come with an expiry date. It consists of an inbuilt development mechanization, which enables the business organizations in keeping their business system updated with the latest developments in technology.

It is true that applications like ERP and CRM helped businesses in performing some of its functions. But it was efficient or not — still remains a matter of doldrums for the business leaders.

Back around in the nineties, when these applications were developed, business leaders across the globe were excited to have new technology for their businesses. But gradually they started to realize that ERPs and BPM and other similar business applications were not only costly but also highly incompatible to the ever-changing business processes. And, as a result, the continuously rising cost of running business operations became a matter of great concern for them.

With the technology transforming businesses, market and even the customer behavior drastically, applications like ERP and CRM are no more being considered to be useful and valuable for the companies.

Sooner or later, it is automation that is going to pervade the business world and can help companies in optimum production along with consistent performance. So, why not adapt to the change right away?

Value Creation Automation or VCA is one-of-a-kind business solution that is designed to make company processes efficient. It results in the automation of much of the business activities that for long required human effort.

The business platform automated by VCA reduces the dependency on humans and thus helps them in a significant reduction in the operational costs. There is nothing to be wondered about this. Reduced human decency means reduced errors, more precision, and accuracy in the business tasks. Even more, using the lean management approach, VCA results in complete elimination of waste within the processes. VCA also automate tasks which are performed on an everyday basis and thus saves all the time and money incurred on all the tasks which are repetitive in nature.

These are some of the many factors that saves a lot on the cost while running the company operations.

Business automation solutions like VCA has the ability to set new grounds for a revolution that can transform the way businesses functions. VCA empowers the business system to take instant decisions, exactly as a trained human workforce would do. It analyses data and records every transaction successfully, providing complete data security to the business firms. This further helps in hassle-free auditing and in legal activities like tax dispute etc. Activities like preparing financial reports can also be automated and the necessary data is made readily available, which helps the directors and managers in taking effective business decisions that can lead businesses to growth manifold.

HR, finance, production, operations and all other management aspects get automated with VCA. Other than this, VCA also enables companies in automating and making processes like inventory and logistics, supply chain, customer relationship etc. robust and effective.

Another important aspect of VCA is automated marketing. With VCA, communicating to the customers becomes very easy. VCA leaves no room for any gaps in communication. It helps in sending automated and customized emails to every individual customer, dividing them demographically.

With the marketing process automated, the companies can prepare the campaigns in advance and also schedule its launch at a later date. No communication is missed out — campaigns, sale, discounts, and messages related to all other promotional offer are sent to the customers right on time.

With this, VCA helps businesses in establishing a healthy relationship with the customers who are not available only offline but also to the global customers who are active on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and other various social media platforms 24 x 7. In this data-driven business environment, VCA enables companies in operating transparently both internally and externally. This not only keeps the company’s workforce happy and motivated but also takes good care while delivering utmost satisfaction to the customers.

Business Solution That Can Redefine the Growth Perspective

Value Creation Automation (VCA) is a one-stop platform that is designed to provide an end-to-end business solution to the companies of all size. From ideation to delivery — VCA automates complete business processes. It also saves much time for the company’s human workforce to put their best effort while performing various tasks and facilitates in effective decision-making.

Having incorporated Value Creation Automation or VCA, the companies can not only maximize their profit and deliver the goods and services right on time but also helps companies in analyzing the tech-savvy customer behavior. It means, with VCA, the business firms can well understand the modern age customer preferences and can deliver utmost satisfaction to them.

This can further result in enhanced customer loyalty and retention, which helps companies in generating more and more revenue. Business automation solutions such as VCA can add value to the companies and can also lead them to be a brand in the long run.

VCA is about making a business successful by redefining the growth perspective. Not only companies but even the workforce get a chance to learn new skills and explore new opportunities adding to the stability and overall growth of an economy.