VCA ERP Software Help Mitigate Risks for Retailers

With the increased usage of the Internet, smartphones and various social media websites, the market scenario has unprecedentedly changed for both customers and retailers. Technologies such as the Internet-of-Things (IoT) has given birth to new retail formats such as e-Commerce and web stores, which possesses a serious risk to traditional retail stores.

However, there is not much difference in the challenges they face. Involved in multiple functions such as procurement, stock management, managing the human resource, pricing, discounts, bookkeeping, loyalty programs and many more — it becomes difficult for retailers to achieve efficiency and accuracy in processes when tasks are performed manually.

Therefore, it is time to revamp the functioning of retail stores — be it traditional or Internet-based. Innovating technologies adds to the increasing competition and the time has come when retailers, across the world, must mull over adopting an advanced ERP software to organize and streamline diverse retail processes.

The Global Powers of Retailing report published by Deloitte says, “We are living in a customer-driven economy,” where customers “are craving authenticity, newness, convenience, and creativity.” Preferences of tech-savvy customers are liable to change unpredictably. Thanks to the continuously evolving technologies, which have made the market volatile.

And, in the prevailing market condition, it is only an advanced ERP software such as Value Creation Automation (VCA), which can help retailers in delivering an enriched user-experience along with flexibility, reliability, and agility to buy goods and services.

ERP Software Make Retail Functioning Robust & Effective

VCA retail management software is unique than many of the advanced ERP software. Designed to automate end-to-end retail tasks, VCA process automation software reduces human intervention and thus keeps the error-rate to the minimum level. Most importantly, it keeps entire workflow integrated, which improves visibility and gives an enhanced business control to retailers.

ERP software such as Value Creation Automation (VCA) is designed to drive the overall business performance. Let’s discuss some of the important benefits that VCA brings along for retailers across the world.

Robust Point-of-Sale (PoS) System

VCA integrates entire business performance with the Point-of-Sale (PoS) system. Having successfully recorded entire transactions, the PoS terminal allows a real-time access to transaction details. From managing customer database, inventory, vendors, payroll to the generation of invoices — VCA’s PoS terminal keeps every element transparent and streamlined. Owners and Managers can instantly analyze the performance of any particular products and can have related reports ready at any given point in time. In short, an effective PoS terminal adds to the flexible and reliable business performance.

The Human Resource Management

One of the important benefits of VCA is that it supports the efficient management of the human workforce, which further encourage employees to put their best efforts. From shift management to the monitoring of employee’s working hours — VCA retail management software allows Owners to track the performance of every individual employee. On the other side, having simplified the communication, VCA also allows Managers to assign various tasks to employees directly and they can even track the work-progress and performance right from their workstation.

Visual Dashboard Supports Improved Reporting and Analysis

VCA helps in improved business control through a visual dashboard. With entire data saved in the cloud, Owners can have instant access to statements and reports at any time and from anywhere, even through mobile phones and tablets. With an instant display of the ready reports, Owners and Directors can better analyze the business performance and can also understand the constantly changing customer behavior. This helps them in an effective decision-making of the retail-store owners and leads their businesses to growth and success.

  • Managing Customer Programmes and Pricing

The advanced ERP software improves customer loyalty and retention by offering complete satisfaction. Retail automation software such as VCA is designed to help in the efficient management of discounts, sales, offers, campaigns and other various special programmes run to retain and attract customers. On the other side, VCA makes the management of pricing uncomplicated. Keeping the error-rate in pricing to the minimum level, VCA ERP Software sets up a smooth workflow, besides enhancing productivity, reducing the unrelenting load of the human workforce and delivering complete value to customers.

Stock Management

The managing stock also becomes hassle-free with the implementation of an advanced ERP software. VCA consists of Pushcord that updates the inventory. Whenever an order is received, VCA Pushcord sends an automated notification to suppliers, customer management team and also update the inventory with the dispatch of every product. This helps in the effective management of the inventory and also reduces the need to have a large store room.

Enhanced Business-Customer Relationship

Technological solutions such as Value Creation Automation (VCA) makes the workflow smooth and also boosts transparency within diverse retail processes. Moreover, it supports two-way dialogue, which helps in building a healthy relationship with customers. VCA, unlike many other advanced software, is designed to deliver value at every different stage. Right from receiving the order, quality check, packaging, shipping, timely delivery and after sales service — value is defined by multiple elements, which revolves around delivering complete customer satisfaction. And VCA is apt to do this.

It is not that only large retailers can resort to technological solutions. The VCA ERP software incorporates the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology, which makes it equally suitable for small retail stores as well. With no, IT costs such as servers and the installation of hardware & software involved, VCA allows small retailers to automate processes in almost zero capital. Moreover, it is user-based ERP software, which means no more signing of a long-term contract. Retailers just need to pay for the number of users they have.

Cloud-based VCA ERP Software Make Retail Stores Fit for Tech-Savvy Customers

According to another report published by Deloitte, disruptive forces are leading to a constant change in the “consumers’ behavior and preferences, including how, when, and where they make purchases.”

VCA is designed with the potential to support businesses in delivering complete satisfaction to customers by facilitating enriched purchase-experience, anytime and anywhere.

Offering Cloud-based solutions, VCA allows retail stores to save entire data in the cloud, which adds to the ease of performing diverse business operations and also allows customers to buy and pay for various goods & services through diverse modern-platforms.

From getting orders, receiving payments from customers, generating invoices to suppliers and customers to updating company ledger books — the Cloud-based ERP software such as VCA supports 24 x 7 business operations, even through mobile phones and tablets. This builds a credibility and significantly impacts the buying decision of customers.

And as far as the continuously changing customer preferences are concerned, an advanced retail process automation software such as VCA gathers data and empowers retailers with an improved analytical ability. With this, it becomes uncomplicated for retail stores to understand the continuously changing customer-behavior. They can, then, plan, formulate and implement strategies more robustly and effectively.

With VCA, Retailers Can Always Remain Competitive

VCA ERP Software is designed to help retail stores in organizing processes, enhancing productivity and in delivering complete satisfaction to customers. These various factors lead to an optimum resource utilization and lead retail companies to a constant growth and success.

Most importantly, with retail process management software such as VCA, e-Commerce companies, web stores and owners of traditional stores can evolve with continuously evolving technologies. VCA make retail stores fit for all future performances, with no threat from new entrepreneurs or innovating technologies.

• SaaS-enabled VCA allows regular update of the system at frequent intervals

• Update & report transactions in the real-time

• VCA’s visual-dashboard gives an integrated business control, from anywhere and anytime

• Automates procurement, stock management, HR, finance, supply chain and other aspects

• Tedious tasks such as auditing and tax compilation becomes uncomplicated

Moreover, empowering with the ability to analyze and understand the continuously changing customer-behavior and preferences, an advanced ERP software help in mitigating all sorts of business risks, ensuring a consistent growth and a sound Return-on-Investment (ROI).

With VCA, retailers can increase productivity in comparatively less time and resources and can successfully achieve all parameters required to drive demand for new products, enhance sales and increase the profit I.e. affordability, brand recognition, convenience, and novelty.