VCA: Most Trending Business Management Software in Dubai

Continuously evolving technologies have changed the current business scenario completely in Dubai, the UAE. On one side, where running diverse business operations have become uncomplicated, on the other side, challenges too have grown exponentially.

Countries such as Dubai has always been known as one of the major sources of innovation, entrepreneurship and most importantly employment creation. Especially, SMEs play a big role in driving the overall economic growth of the country and are viewed as a “vital contributor to the economy’s GDP.”

But with perpetually growing competition and rapidly changing customer preferences, SMEs along with large enterprises are finding it difficult to manage business operations manually or with other various traditional solutions such as ERP, CRM, BPM and many more. And thus, companies, of all size, in Dubai have started resorting to some of the leading business management software, which is not only helping in managing processes but they also play a key role in driving overall performance of companies.

Amidst the crowd of innumerable leading ERP software, Value Creation Automation (VCA) is gradually emerging as the best business management software in Dubai and in other emirates in the UAE. Not stereotyping the traditional tools and methods of managing diverse management aspects, VCA is designed with a unique design that helps in business scalability and enables companies in evolving with the continuously innovating technologies.

Knowing More About VCA

Value Creation Automation (VCA) developed by experts at Cordis Technology LLC, Dubai, the UAE. Designed to converge technological business models with human intelligence, VCA aims to completely transform the way business’ processes function. With this advanced business management software, companies can successfully automate day-to-day tasks and establish a smooth workflow by identifying and eliminating performance bottlenecks.

In a few years’ time, VCA has managed to win the confidence of small, medium and large businesses across the world, especially in Dubai, the UAE. Besides enabling in efficient business process management, VCA is helping companies in integrating modern-day business platforms such as social media network and also in understanding continuously changing preferences of tech-savvy customers. It automates every single business activity — right from ideation to the delivery of finished goods and services to the customers.

Why Business Management Software?

Advanced business management software has become the need of the hour and companies cannot afford to ignore them.

Today, businesses cannot depend only on the workforce, no matter how efficient it may be. Business management software has pervaded small to medium and large business organizations. Companies, with advanced business process management software, are now able to save time, money and effort. Moreover, advanced automated business management software such as VCA is helping companies in adding value that results in the enhanced loyalty of customers.

• Centralizes Core Business Processes — Nothing remains spread all over with advanced business accounting software. Be its accounting, finance, HR, Inventory or any other business management aspect — every single activity is integrated and brought on the fingertips of the business leaders. It eliminates complexities and leads to effective management of diverse business processes.

• Consolidate Entire Information and Data Crucial to Businesses — With evolving technologies such as the Cloud, business management software such as VCA keeps entire business information and data saved in the cloud. The Cloud enables business leaders in accessing entire business data and information, anytime and anywhere through their mobile phones and tablets. This significantly boosts the decision-making ability of Owners and Directors.

• Helps in Dealing with Modern Business Challenges — Besides, supporting in streamlining processes and setting up a smooth workflow, BPM software such as VCA helps companies in understanding the changing behavior of customers. With business leaders can formulate growth strategies accordingly and effectively.

Managing Diverse Management Aspects with VCA

Besides, process, VCA is also designed to help businesses in managing diverse management aspects. Within a complete solution, it contains various applications that help in the management of various departments such as marketing, finance, and automation.

• Automated HR and Payroll — From Onboarding of employees to preparing the payroll every month end, VCA support the HR team with diverse business tasks. Employees do not have to knock at the door of the HR department every now and then. Information on job profile, performance appraisal, rating, promotion and all other record pertaining to employees are updated in the system. And, employees can instantly view all such details anywhere and anytime.

• Accounting Software — Having implemented VCA, businesses need to invest in a separate accounting software. VCA is designed to record every single business transaction in the real-time. And at the same time, Owners and Directors are reported about the transaction. From maintaining ledger books to managing account payables and receivables and reconciling banking transactions, VCA is designed to support in performing many other financial tasks. Entire finance and accounting process is automated and hence businesses are able to achieve enhanced accuracy.

• Automated Marketing — Automating the entire marketing process, VCA further helps businesses in reaching a large customer base and generating revenue for businesses constantly. With automated marketing, businesses can send automated emails to customers and make automated posts on various social media websites. This helps in better brand positioning and supports in generating healthy leads. Companies can creatively work for campaigns much in advance and set its launch at a later date. Thus, VCA helps businesses in robust planning and effective implementation.

Similarly, VCA also automates other business management aspects such as inventory, logistics, and supply chain. It unifies features of many of the traditional automation solutions such as ERP, CRM, and BPM. Moreover, with advanced technologies such as geo-tagging, VCA ensures that products and services are delivered to the right customer and that too within the given time. All these factors play an essential role in the constant growth of businesses.

Factors constituting the unique design of VCA?

Value Creation Automation (VCA) has got an edge over many of the traditional automation solutions such as ERPs, CRMs, and BPMs, for instance. VCA is one solution, which is designed with many such applications, which supports the integrated management of entire business processes.

Following is some of the main features that add to the unique design of VCA business management software.

• End-to-End Solution — Unlike traditional business software such as ERP and CRM, VCA does not help in streamlining just one particular process. Rather, it is designed as an end-to-end business process automation solution. Having automated entire business processes, VCA helps companies in reaping optimum benefits of technology. It results in reduced human intervention and thus, in increased efficiency without any time-lag.

• Flexible Structure — Traditional business process management software such as ERP or CRM, consisted of a rigid structure, which led to a decline in their demand. But on the contrary, Value Creation Automation (VCA) is designed with a flexible structure, which allows Owners and Directors in customizing it to fit new process requirements.

• Incorporates Proven Business Models — Incorporating advanced technological business models such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Lean Management and Six-Sigma, VCA stands to be unique than many of and business management software. SaaS is widely known to support businesses in reducing overall operational costs to a great extent. It ensures that business tasks are completed on time and within the allocated budget, uniformity in products and services is maintained throughout and organizational goals are achieved efficiently. On the other hand, Lean Management and Six-Sigma further support in cutting-down company’s operational costs. These business models ensure that the error rate is reduced and resources lying idle are directed towards achieving the common organizational goal. Moreover, they help in successful identification and elimination of tasks that are adding no value to the business.

• Inbuilt Development Mechanism — Unlike traditional automation software, VCA, enabled by Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model, is designed to integrate regular system updates with the innovating business technologies. This keeps the business system up to date with the innovating technologies. Therefore, businesses can always remain fit to evolve with evolving technologies.

• Visual Dashboard Gives Enhanced Business Control — Not all business management software facilitates a visual dashboard. Process automation software such as VCA comes with a visual dashboard. Powered by SaaS, VCA’s visual dashboard enables business leaders in accessing entire business data, even on the go. It records and reports every single business transaction and therefore, keeps Owners and Directors updated with all activities.

• Integrated Communication Channel — Businesses can simplify communication with VCA process automation software and enhance transparency in the process as well. It integrates a voice mail, video calling, SMS, fax, telephone, and email at one place. Managers can assign tasks to their sub-ordinates addressing them by their names, who in return, can acknowledge the task at the same time. Moreover, supporting both vertical and horizontal communication, VCA allows employees to directly communicate with Directors and also to solve their queries with the Managers. This plays a key role in makes the workflow smooth.

With all the above-discussed features, VCA has gradually turned to be one of the most trending business management software in Dubai, the UAE. It is one platform, which offers diverse solutions to modern business processes. With disruptive technologies such as automation and cognitive abilities incorporated in VCA, businesses no more have to manage business processes on paper, neither they do need to have the stress of the unrelenting workload. With advanced BPM software, it is time for the human workforce to team-up with evolving technologies. Gone are the days when humans had to involve themselves in tasks with high risks. With the process automation software such as VCA, Owners, Directors, and employees can have more time to focus on core business areas.