Why are ERP or CRM applications losing importance?

Back in 1940’s, when the term ‘automation’ was coined by an Engineer at Ford Motor Co., none of us would have realized that it will bring such an incredible shift in structure of businesses. Transcending the boundaries of business world, automation has broadly impacted customers as well.

Customers. enabled by technology, are well informed and they feel happy in calling themselves tech-savvy. One one hand, where running business operations have become uncomplicated, challenges, on other hand, has grown manifold.

Customers expect more than the quality of products and services, they want to follow their favorite brand on advanced digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and much more. They want to have their queries resolved across all media platforms.

According to the social media statistics and facts published by Statista, in 2017, approximately 2.46 billion people, out of the total world population, are active users of diverse social media platforms. And, Facebook among them, tops the list.

It is indeed a great challenge for businesses to be present everywhere and that too with complete accuracy. After all, it is about winning customer’s confidence and loyalty, which play an essential role in drafting success story of businesses.

In the prevalent competitive environment, business leaders believe automation applications such as ERPs or BPMs are no more able to cater to advanced process requirements. Reports suggest that investment in ERP and BPM application system have gradually receded. CRM or ERP have a limited role to play in making business processes efficient, maintaining customer database or integrating data.

Therefore, in order to gain competitive advantage, it would be a sagacious decision for businesses to embrace advanced technological solution such as VCA. It has an inbuilt CRM and incorporates the power of other various automation solutions as well. With technological prowess, VCA is a complete business solution, which can support company’s growth and presence across all advanced platforms, both offline and online.

Implement VCA — Look No Further for Business Solutions

Business operations consist of innumerable activities and much of them are time taking as well as complicated. For long, a large part of business activities has been performed by the human workforce. But with consistent advances in technology, performing diverse business operations became not only uncomplicated but also less time-consuming.

With the advent of the internet, business platforms got digitized. And, it marked a revolution as internet brought the world market at one platform. Years later, application systems such as ERP, CRM and BPM were developed and it once again arouses excitement in among business leaders across the world. CRMs developed customer database for companies, BPMs made processes manageable, ERPs integrated data and back-office tasks and similarly, other applications were developed to aid other defined activities.

So many applications for diverse business tasks. But VCA is designed to be an end-to-end business solution for various performance bottlenecks that may occur while performing business tasks.

Value Creation Automation or VCA is carefully engineered. Designed to work on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business delivery model, this advanced automation solution facilitates in controlling entire business operations from a remote location. And most importantly, with VCA’s SaaS business model companies can generate revenues and reduce operational costs to a great extent.

Another approach that makes VCA superior to other business solutions is six-sigma and lean production.

VCA uses advanced six-sigma tools such as 5S and Analysis of Variance, which supports in constant monitoring of processes and gives complete control over it. These factors enable business firms in completing tasks within stipulated deadline and in reducing process cycle-times by up to 30 %.

Setting a quality benchmark is another factor considered by six-sigma. The quality-driven functionality of VCA deploys statistical tools that enable employees in controlling production activities, keeping variations to a minimum level.

Other than this, sig-sigma methodologies support businesses in successful elimination of defects and error within processes. It further results in lowering operational cost and boosting productivity to an unprecedented level. And with this, sig-sigma helps businesses in gaining a sound return-on-investment (ROI).

Lean production approach, on other hand, ensures complete elimination of waste within processes. Lean transformational model focuses on optimum resource utilization with zero waste. VCA applies lean thinking principles to every aspect of business processes, which in turn add to the efficiency of business functioning. Lean production approach adds value to every different level of businesses and facilitates continuous improvements throughout.

VCA framework automates business activities. Having streamlined processes, this advanced automation solution facilitates seamless workflow, which can help businesses in producing maximum utilizing minimum resource, time and effort.

Making business system robust, VCA empowers business leaders to evaluate and analyze market conditions. This can help them in formulating and implementing business strategies with utmost efficiency. Advanced automation solutions such as VCA further aid business leaders in effective decision-making processes, by empowering them with ability to analyze risks in advance.

With all these features, VCA can shape up future of businesses and help them evolve at a global level. It can support businesses in creating value and increasing customer loyalty.

VCA will Help Businesses in Reaping Automation Benefits

ERP or CRM or any other application for that matter, cannot be integrated. They don’t even provide an engaging and interactive platform for businesses as well as customers. Parts of business processes can be made efficient with ERP or BPM but they are not designed to be a complete solution like VCA.

VCA is designed to make most of the programmed machines and their interaction with humans. Errors and wastes have always added to the company’s operational costs. VCA is designed to eliminate all such non-value adding activities and thus support businesses in performing with accuracy and precision.

Technology has reached a level where cognitive capabilities such as making tacit judgments and responding to a particular situation can actually be automated. VCA is one such world’s leading automation solution, which can trigger instant growth and guide companies to perform consistently. A McKinsey report informs that advanced automation technology “will bring substantial benefits to businesses and economies worldwide.