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EVM Compatibility is a foundational pillar of Core’s design. Just as Core leans on Bitcoin for decentralization, Core leverages Ethereum’s EVM for its composability, interoperability, and overall scalability.

In order to expand the use-cases for an optimally decentralized smart contract platform, Core must quickly import scalable infrastructure and empower a strong community of builders. A diverse array of plans are being designed to attract, retain, and empower builders. This process begins with EVM compatibility. The Ethereum Virtual Machine has the infrastructure, history, and builders that will benefit Core both immediately and for the long-term future.

The Empowerment Virtual Machine:

Core Blockchain Origins identifies many of the reasons why Ethereum is so influential in Core’s design. To briefly recap some elements pertaining to EVM compatibility, the Ethereum Virtual Machine combines a Bitcoin-inspired distributed ledger with general-purpose computing. The resulting “virtual computer” runs smart contracts that determine the nature of complex transactions on the most widely used blockchain in the world, Ethereum, and other EVM compatible chains. Differentiating itself from Bitcoin, the EVM is Turing complete, meaning that it can execute code of arbitrary complexity and solve any reasonable computational problems. Builder empowerment is built into the code, enabling seemingly infinite digital possibilities.

Leveraging EVM:

As the first and foremost virtual machine, the EVM contains a compounding toolset of superpowers. It all begins with Solidity, the programming language that enables all smart contracts and dapps to easily transfer digital assets and information. EVM compatibility grants Core access to the same smart contract programming language. Therefore, developers can seamlessly port Ethereum’s open-source protocols onto the Core Network.

With Ethereum’s protocol layer easily replicable, Core can leverage Ethereum’s evolutionary history. Empowered by the EVM’s open, decentralized, and interoperable peer-to-peer infrastructure, Ethereum’s ecosystem has developed without interference from third parties or top-down coercion. Through an organic process of building, forking, and copying, Ethereum’s landscape today is an untainted display of free market forces.

Given Ethereum’s experience, incorporating its gathered wisdom is a prudent design principle. Core does not need to reinvent the wheel. Building a own Proof of Work mechanism or virtual machine would be tedious, uneconomical, and unnecessary. For those elements, the groundwork and network effects have already been firmly established. By leveraging Bitcoin’s Proof of Work and Ethereum’s virtual machine, Core isn’t skipping any steps. Those superpowers act as a book passed down through the ages, enabling each successive generation to build on the wisdom of the prior.

Having an infrastructure of interoperable dapps easily embedded in Core is a huge up-front advantage. Nevertheless, an advantageous starting point is not nearly as important as where Core goes from here. The future will ultimately depend not on infrastructure but culture. By making Core easily accessible for porting Ethereum’s infrastructure layer, Core easily becomes accessible for Ethereum’s builders. From its inception, Ethereum has been a platform for visionary innovators operating on the frontiers of technology. With EVM compatibility, Core can leverage Ethereum’s ethos of scaling blockchain technology to greater abilities and use-cases.

All Builders Are Welcome

To realize its vision, Core must build, strengthen, and then lean on a strong community of builders and true believers. Therefore, early contributors must collectively foster a community that believes in Core’s mission and the sustainability of the network. EVM compatibility is a large part of that effort. It is the bridge that connects mainstream Web3 to crypto’s new frontier. With this link, migration to Core becomes as easy and rewarding as possible for Ethereum’s boldest builders.

For Core’s early adopters, opportunities to build are everywhere. Scaling quickly and efficiently will be essential from the start given Core’s already significant traction on both social media and testnet. Given their importance, early builders will benefit from early rewards. Core grants, liquidity incentives, and airdrop rewards are already in the pipeline. Partnerships are already being formed to take advantage of being early.

As Core’s founding White Paper stated: We’re a crypto melting-pot made possible by our simple, core goal: Secure, scalable, and decentralized digital currency for an internet based on freedom, transparency, and self-sovereignty. All are welcome.

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